We provide a tailored, personal service that is delivered locally and guarantees minimisation of customers’ operating costs, safety and plant longevity.

You’ll benefit from a selection of maintenance packages that provide invaluable care and support. By working in true partnership with our customers for nearly 50 years we are able to appropriately respond to a diverse number of specialised cooling and heating needs.

Monitoring & Alarms

Our innovative solutions for condition monitoring of key assets and predicting time frames for maintenance offer significant cost savings, without compromising on safety or quality of service. Pro-active maintenance, involving remote
monitoring, data collection 24/7, analysis of data and generation of task lists to manage maintenance effectively, results in early warning of deterioration through alarms systems and elimination of unnecessary site visits.

Energy & Asset Management

Our specialist service lowers production costs and increases profit margins. Typical energy savings are between 10% and 30%.

    Save electricity  
    Plan investment
    Identify and correct inefficient operation
    Audit maintenance contractor
    Provide evidence of savings

Specialist Maintenance Packages

StarCare provides the ability to tailor each maintenance package to suit individual plant and customer needs, from basic periodic inspection and reports to more comprehensive PPM condition based maintenance programmes, including labour and materials options.

Whatever option you choose will demonstrate that an investment in StarCare maintenance will help protect your assets, support production and deliver lower operating costs.



Willie Little

Key Accounts Manager - Maintenance

Maintenance sectors