• Simultaneous cooling and heating
  • Water temperatures up to 90°C(1)
  • High efficiency, single rotor screw compressor
  • In excess of 3kW of heating and 2kW of cooling per 1kW of electrical energy
  • Factory testing modular package design
  • Automatic PLC control with remote access for monitoring
  • Natural ammonia refrigerant
  • Refrigerant charge less than 0.1kg/kW heating
  • Option for site manufactured bespoke solutions
  • HVAC
  • District Heating
  • District Cooling with Heating
  • District Cooling with Desalination
  • Dehumification
  • Steam Raising
  • Process Cooling with Heating

(1) Two-stage operation

Refrigerant type

Ammonia is produced by biological processes, is naturally decomposed, and does not add to the global greenhouse effect.

Ideal for both new projects and retrofits, Neatpumps can be commissioned and charged prior to delivery, reducing site installation and commissioning time.

Other benefits include:

  • Convert waste energy from cooling processes into useful heat
  • 70%+ more efficient than gas fired boilers and electric heating
  • Future proof ammonia refrigerant
  • Fast onsite installation due to packaged design
  • Retrofit onto existing installations