Laser Alignment

In today’s competitive business environment Star Refrigeration is at the forefront of continually developing its services solutions for its customers.

Incorrectly aligned direct drive refrigeration compressors coupled to drive motors have caused the failure of both drive motors and compressors. Misalignment also causes the failure of the shaft seal potentially resulting in the release of refrigerant and oil. In Ammonia plants this could result in evacuation of plant rooms and loss of cooling which in turn will affect controlled temperatures and production facilities, all very good reasons why this capability is a must have for a market leader.

Laser Alignment

This can be carried out using a number of methods:

  • Straight Edge.
  • Dial Indicators (Clock Gauges)
  • Laser


Star Refrigeration use laser alignment because it is both quicker and  more accurate than the other two methods using their own in house laser equipment and trained  service engineers.

This service is available to all customers either within the scope of a maintenance agreement or a one off visit to resolve ongoing issues.



Poor alignment can lead to the following:

  • Increased friction to equipment and hence
  • increase in KWHr consumption
  • Increased vibration and noise
  • Drive motor bearing failure
  • Compressor bearing failure
  • Shaft seal failure
  • Coupling failure

In a case study we  found significant cost savings can be achieved by the accurate application of this method of alignment because of the improved reliability of equipment (less down time) and the prevention of major failures to plant and machinery through planned preventative maintenance (regular alignment checks). 


James Ward

Operations Director