Remote monitoring and analysis

We provide a unique set of remote data collection packages utilised by a skilled team of engineers to diagnose customer’s plant performance.

This enables us to: 
A) Establish the root cause of plant faults quickly
B) Reduce customer cost
C) Focus maintenance as necessary
D) Maintain and demonstrate design efficiency
E) Forecast and prevent fault occurence
F) Track results of operational change

Sentinel Plus Operational Centre

A software package optimised to track and record faults and alerts throughout the working life of our customer’s sites from which customised reports are produced. The system automatically calls our local branch teams whenever an engineer may be required, 24/7/52.

MES Data Graphing

Industrial Refrigeration plants are generally controlled following the analysis of real time data input to a PLC. This operating data is often lost, making it difficult to determine the root cause of any unexplained event. Our system captures all the PLC data and stores it on a remote database for interrogation by the monitoring hub team using adapted graphing software and pre configured reports.

Remote Dial In to Site

Star Refrigeration offers the facility of a secure managed broadband service to enable remote dial up access to its maintained sites, giving us the ability to log directly into site, establish the current running status, and reset and make set point changes from any remote location with broadband access. This often removes the requirement for a costly engineer site visit.


Willie Little

Key Accounts Manager - Maintenance