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Since it's first launch in the early 80's, Star's "Freechiller" (sometimes referred to as Thermosyphon) has provided significant savings in energy. With over 3 million 'up hours' it is also recognised as being extremely robust. Star have successfully delivered free cooling using natural and synthetic refrigerants. Crucial to this industry leading performance, that can offer 100% free cooling below 12oC (53oF),  is that there are no water diverting valves or second cooling coils that are prone to fouling on the airside.



Star's Freechiller provides efficient, reliable cooling in elevated water temperature cooling applications such as data centres. Ideal for continuous high heat load 24/7 applications, Freechiller offers unrivalled low energy consumption and resiliance.

High integrity components and a robust construction ensure a refrigeration plant lifecyle in excess of 20 years. Many major financial and government institutions use Freechiller systems, attaining over 3,000,000 operational hours without loss of cooling.

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