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Food & Beverage Production

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Cooling and heating are critical services for food and beverage production facilities. Reliability and reducing the life cycle costs associated with refrigeration are key to maintaining a competitively priced product. Star manufacture a range of cooling and heating products, focusing on optimising operating efficiency to reduce customers energy bills and enable them to achieve carbon reduction targets.


INDIGOCHILLER provides unrivalled cooling efficiency for air conditioning and chilled water applications. AZANECHILLER is a high efficiency packaged ammonia chiller which eliminates the need for a refrigeration plant room and reduces installation costs when compared to traditional, bespoke solutions.

Our GLACIER range of packaged refrigeration plant uses low charge, low pressure receiver technology to deliver efficient cooling for batch and in-line freezing and chilling processes. A complete in-line freezing solution can be provided by coupling GLACIER to our range of spiral freezers from Starfrost.


Our NEATPUMP range of ammonia heat pumps provide simultaneous cooling and heating. It is able to deliver water temperatures of up to 90oC. Our ENVITHERM Envitherm heatpump provides simultaneous cooling and heating, rasing water from 15oC to 65oC in a single pass. Ideal for mains water heating, ENVITHERM has a combined cooling and heating COP >9.

The cooling and heating requirements for food and beverage production vary both in temperature and capacity. To meet your specific cooling needs, Star offers bespoke refrigeration solutions, tailored to your requirements. These are designed, installed and commissioned by our professional team of designers, project managers, site managers and engineers

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