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Packaged chiller

 3 Year warranty - Go for 3 points

When we developed the Indigochiller we aimed to build in features that we believed would make it the best chiller on the market. By "best" we mean the chiller that would offer the lowest cost of ownership to the end-user over the expected life of the plant. We built in unrivalled durability through the use of rugged, industrial components and we aimed to make the chiller leakproof, ensuring that all sources of refrigerant leak were eliminated wherever possible.

Year round efficiency is assured through the combination of the unique Turbocor compressor with Star's own control software, incorporating energy saving features that are not available on any other chiller. Best of all we designed the entire chiller to make it as easy as possible to keep the unit operating at its design efficiency. Heat exchangers are accessible, so they can be cleaned regularly to maintain peak performance. The control software includes a performance guide which constantly monitors the chiller against current operating conditions and indicates when the COP is drifting away from the design conditions.

 Of course anyone can claim that their product is efficient, reliable and maintenance friendly. That's why we invite you to "go for 3 points". We match our impressive chiller with an equally impressive three-point guarantee:

Reliability - we include a fully comprehensive "no-quibble" guarantee on all parts for three years from the date of commissioning of the chiller. The guarantee includes the cost of our labour in removing defective parts and repairing or replacing them as required.

Efficiency - we guarantee for three years from the date of commissioning to remedy any deviations from "as-new" performance, as measured against the built-in performance map in the control software. If the software indicates that remedial action is required to bring the chiller back up to the original performance we will provide the necessary labour and materials to achieve this.

Tightness - we promise for the duration of the guarantee to replace any refrigerant lost through leakage from the unit. We will pay for the refrigerant and the labour required to top-up.

Our standard guarantee on the Indigochiller includes all three points for three years from commissioning, provided maintenance and service of the chiller is only done by Star or one of our approved service partners. At the time of purchase the guarantee and maintenance package can be extended to four or five years. The guarantee does not cover the effects of normal wear and tear, vandalism, damage by the customer or a third party, fouling of heat exchangers, theft or misuse of the product.

Nothing confirmed in this statement shall be construed as imposing any liability on Star and our "go for 3 points" guarantee should be referred to for the full terms and conditions applying to it.

Indigochiller - The ultimate in cool thinking

Indigochiller is Star's energy efficient, low noise chiller solution for air conditioning and process cooling. This compact packaged chiller offers unrivalled long-term performance.

Our research shows Indigochiller uses only 60% of the energy required by a standard chiller operating on typical load and ambient profiles.  This offers end users a significant saving in energy and running costs.

Indigochiller is engineered to have minimal effect on the global environment.  The design aims to eliminate refrigerant leakage and was developed in direct response to f-gas regulations. 

Indigochiller is a low charge, high efficiency unit suitable for medium to large scale applications.  Available as an air cooled or water cooled unit, with six capacity options ranging from 250kW to 1,500kW. Indigochiller requires minimal installation, service and maintenance.

For more details download the Case Study

For more details download the Indigochiller brochure


Indigochiller - The ultimate in cool thinking
Indigochiller - The ultimate cooling solution

Indigochiller installation SKY
Indigochiller installed at GSK House