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From our small ENVITHERM system that delivers FREE HOT WATER, especially good for anyone considering a CHP plant that hasn’t absolutely minimised the heat load, to the larger AMMONIA NEATPUMP from 200kW to 5MW (per package), Star Refrigeration offers total cooling and heating solutions. Our product portfolio has been developed for the benefit of customers and the environment.

All our innovative cooling solutions increase efficiency, aid productivity and drive down lifecycle operating costs. We develop products that exceed customer expectations and add maximum value.

We have engineered groundbreaking systems such as the INDIGO range that is the world’s only Turbocor chiller to use carbon steel pipe work and oversized condensers as well as the AZANE range to utilise the worlds most used Zero GWP refrigerant, Ammonia. Both of these solutions reduce energy consumption and replace traditional refrigerants with less harmful alternatives. Star continues to invest in new products to push forward the boundaries of environmentally focussed cooling. Our FREE CHILLER can even do free cooling that can save data centres around 50% of their cooling cost and provide N+2N capabilities.

The AETHER is a simple device that controls the condenser fan speed based on what the plant needs. Unlike other systems that try and guess based on humidity or ambient, the AETHER modulates the fan speed based on the plant demand itself. Using robust and proven sensors the AETHER will save up to 71% of the energy costs for any user of air or evaporative condensers as well as cooling towers.

Our most recent CO2 cooling solutions deliver energy efficient cooling across a wide range of applications and capacities. Our CO2 packaged products include ENVIBOOST - a dual temperature transcritical CO2 cooling for chilling and freezing, ENVICHILL DX - High temperature transcritical CO2 cooling, ENVICHILL LPR - High temperature transcritical CO2 cooling with enhanced efficiency, ENVIFREEZE - Low temperature subcritical CO2 for freezing applications and ENVIPUMP - CO2 pumping stations.

So whether the right solution is R134a, R717, R744, CO2  or whatever else, chances are Star can minimise your costs of cooling and heating.

Remember, capital cost is only around 15% of the life cost of a system, so don’t lumber your business with running costs that are 30% higher than they might be – unless you don’t plan on being in business in more than 5 years time.