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Indigochiller for Air Conditioning

Forward thinking operators looking for high efficiency, low maintenance air conditioning should only consider a chiller that is built to last, says cooling expert Star Refrigeration.

Star is renowned for designing cooling solutions that provide over 20 years service. The company is currently seeing a rising number of replacement projects in which standard AC chillers have suffered early component failure or corrosion problems in less than ten years.

Star believes that environmentally conscious building services operators should consider the chiller’s expected lifespan as a matter of priority, or be faced with a costly problem all too soon.

Star Refrigeration sales director Rob Lamb says: “We have recently seen a number of high profile operators who have previously invested in chillers that have soon become damaged or corroded. Even if the chiller features high efficiency components, poor build quality can cause early loss of performance or even break down.”

With growing demand to cut refrigerant leakage to meet F-Gas regulations, Star developed its Indigochiller for medium to large scale air conditioning and process cooling. Engineered to have minimal effect on the global environment, Indigochiller’s robust design aims to eliminate refrigerant leakage and offer over 20 years service.

Star’s confidence in Indigochiller’s construction and reliability means options are available for extended warranty on both equipment and refrigerant loss.

Rob Lamb adds: “Indigochiller stands out from the rest of the market thanks to a range of unique design features and leak-tight components. It is manufactured to ensure both long-term reliability and low life-cycle costs. These should be key considerations when selecting a chiller.”

The low charge, high performance Indigochiller features a revolutionary Turbocor compressor, which is low maintenance by design to ensure lifelong trouble free running. The oil-free compressor operates on electromagnetic bearings and uses the synthetic refrigerant R134a. The system offers reliable performance and requires minimal installation, servicing and maintenance.

Indigochiller is manufactured from the highest quality components selected to minimise the risk of refrigerant leakage, reduce maintenance costs and enhance operating life. Standard features include ‘leak-free’ bellows seal valves, sealed expansion valves and welded steel pipework. The air-cooled Indigochiller has epoxy coated condenser fins as standard to reduce the risk of corrosion damage.

Available as an air-cooled or water-cooled unit, Indigochiller has capacity options ranging from 250kW to 1,650kW. A robust PLC control system allows the user to monitor refrigerant charge, running conditions and optimise efficiency.

Indigochiller is highly energy efficient using only 60% of the energy required by a standard chiller operating on typical load and ambient profiles. This offers end users a significant saving in energy and running costs.

Star Refrigeration is the UK’s largest independent industrial refrigeration engineering company. Star focuses on the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and aftercare of industrial refrigeration and HVAC systems.

Star provides total cooling solutions for refrigeration, air conditioning and process cooling. The company offers a turnkey supply and support package to all users of cooling equipment. Star continues to invest in the development of new products to provide energy conscious cooling systems for the benefit of customers and the environment.

Indigochiller for Air Conditioning
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Indigochiller for Air Conditioning