Lucite International

Lucite’s largest European site is future proof, naturally!

A global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic-based products, Lucite International demands the highest industry standard equipment. Due to the 2015 phase out of R22 systems, the company needed to replace its old R22 plant at Cassel Works, their largest European site, with a more eco-friendly option.

Working closely with Lucite, Star’s engineers developed a cost effective, bespoke industrial refrigeration system to replace the aging system. As well as complying with new R22 phase out regulations, Lucite requested increased plant reliability, equipment longevity and a plan that allowed the new cooling system to be designed, constructed and commissioned while the existing plant was still operational to avoid any loss of productivity.

Graham Wallace, Lucite’s Project Manager, said, “Lucite wanted to replace the R22 chiller and increase capacity. Star delivered an energy efficient system that ensures plant reliability and future proofs the business to meet our environmental and legislation needs over the next 25 years.”

“Other challenges including space restrictions on site were met by laying out the packages and carring out all inter-piping at their factory in order to replicate the site footprint. This gave us the confidence that the site installation would prove successful.”

“Finally, all match-marked parts were shipped separately and final connections were made once the packages were positioned on site.”

Alan Walkinshaw, Star’s Sales Manager – Process Industries, said, “Installing the new system without jeopardising the functionality of the old one did have its difficulties. However, the team is always up for a challenge and as usual, innovation and perseverance finally paid off and we came up with an effective solution.

The major upgrade consisted of the installation of a 3.9MW – 10oC Glycol chilling system, running on environmentally friendly future-proof refrigerant ammonia (NH3). The entire system comprised of 3 off packages and 2 off screw compressor packages, each Leeds teams  with 600KV 3.3 drive motors. Star also installed an innovative outdoor heat exchanger package equipped with water-cooled ST condenser, economiser and PSHE evaporator/separator.

Post project completion, the company stands to profit from three major benefits:

• The new system has significantly increased plant capacity, which will allow for greater productivity of present and future process needs.

• Ammonia is a climate-friendly refrigerant with zero GWP and zero Ozone Depleting Potential, hence extending the longevity of the plant and boosting Lucite’s eco-credentials.

•The installation of multiple compressors will allow Lucite to process varying loads. This will enhance plant reliability as well as increase operational efficiency.

The new system has significantly increased plant capacity, which will allow for greater productivity of present and future process needs.

Lucite International now enjoys complete control over the refrigeration plant using Star’s next generation control system “TELSTAR”, as well as a condition system for vibration monitoring.

When it comes to designing energy efficient cooling and heating systems, Star is a natural innovator.  Star works with strategic partners across the globe to deliver low carbon, cost saving solutions.

Lucite International
Client: Lucite International
Location: Billingham, Teesside
Sector: Petrochemical & Nuclear
Service: Plant Upgrades & Replacements
Equipment: Bespoke General
Refrigerant: R22 to Ammonia

Lucite International