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Bristol Branch

Star Refrigeration’s Bristol branch was established in the mid 1980s and moved to its current location at the Royal Portbury Docks in 1992. The Bristol branch is situated just a few hundred yards from the M5 motorway and covers South Wales, Bristol and the whole of the South West region, including key areas such as Swindon, Bridgwater, Taunton, Plymouth and Bodmin.

The Bristol branch delivers plant aftercare for customers across a wide range of industry sectors, including food manufacture, TCS&D, abattoirs and data centres. In 2021 the branch was responsible for the installation of the country’s largest water source heat pump at a large-scale mixed–use development in the centre of Bristol.

The branch has built a solid customer base ranging from small independent seafood processors, to household names in food retail and brewing, as well as key players in food  processing for leading brands and major multiples.

Star’s Bristol team includes 10 field engineers and an apprentice, with support from a maintenance manager, service manager and two service supervisors. Other staff based at Bristol includes a maintenance controller, regional sales engineer, operations director and key account manager.

The Bristol branch has seen a significant growth in business over the past five years, with new plant maintenance contracts and increased work for key account customers at core sites. Around 70% of the branch’s 40+ strong customer base are long-standing Star Refrigeration clients serviced for over a decade.

Star Refrigeration’s branch network

Star’s network of 9 branches across the UK was developed to better serve our nationwide portfolio of customers with the aim of delivering the right services, in the right locations and at the right time. The branches act almost as independent entities -employing over 200 people- and are fully supported by the wider business.

Through this large network Star maintains a highly competitive position, providing businesses with a more focused and cost-effective service that is tailored and personalised to each individual business need.

The highly skilled team provide 24/7 rapid support to customers, endeavouring to respond to all onsite problems within 2 hours of notification.

As part of Star’s leading maintenance service, the branch provide planned preventative maintenance to minimise disruption and downtime for customers with exceptional health and safety standards.

Benefitting from corporate support, the branch offers a vast range of maintenance services, using the latest technology and best practice, including:

  • New Installations
  • Plant Upgrades and Refurbishment
  • Service works
  • Refrigeration Maintenance and condition based monitoring including:
    • Vibration Monitoring and Analysis
    • Ammonia Analysis
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Laser Alignment
  • Temperature Compliance Checks
  • Health and Safety advice
  • Legislative Compliance advice
  • Energy Monitoring and Advice
  • Live Plant Monitoring
  • Capital Planning & Asset Management
  • Fast and reliable Call Out service
  • Digital Documentation Management
  • Chiller Contingency Planning
  • Spares

Mike Hallam

South West Regional Manager

Tel: 01275377890

Email: mhallam@star-ref.co.uk

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01275 375600


01275 375440


Unit 11, Gordano 19, Garonor Way, Portbury, Bristol, BS20 7XE

Service Manager

Gary Jones

Regional Sales Manager

Harley Bedford

Service Supervisor

Craig Bayliss

Service Controller

Tyna Mills

Branch Administrators

Sally Read & Jo Hebditch

Regional Sales Manager

Euan Duncan

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Bristol Branch