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Manchester Branch

Star Refrigeration’s Manchester branch was established in 1973 and covers the North West region, from Cumbria down to Staffordshire. Located at Brookside Business Park between junction 20 and 21 on Manchester’s M60 ring road, the branch has easy access to the M6 and M62 motorway network.

The Manchester branch provides plant aftercare at over 25 sites and serves a varied client base, including operators in the food processing, TCS&D and petrochemical industries. The branch is also responsible for the aftercare of comfort cooling systems for a number of commercial business clients.

The engineering team at Manchester includes 10 field engineers and two engineering apprentices. A maintenance manager, service manager and two supervisors complete the wider team. Every member of the senior management team initially trained as a refrigeration engineer and the majority of staff at Manchester have worked for Star for over 20 years. Providing support to in-house engineering teams through customer training is a key focus.

With branch offices in Manchester and Leeds, Star is well placed to serve customers located within the M62 corridor area. The two branches regularly work together to support key account customers, with a combined team of 22 fully qualified field engineers.

Star Refrigeration’s branch network

Star’s network of 9 branches across the UK was developed to better serve our nationwide portfolio of customers with the aim of delivering the right services, in the right locations and at the right time. The branches act almost as independent entities -employing over 200 people- and are fully supported by the wider business.

Through this large network Star maintains a highly competitive position, providing businesses with a more focused and cost-effective service that is tailored and personalised to each individual business need.

The highly skilled team provide 24/7 rapid support to customers, endeavouring to respond to all onsite problems within 2 hours of notification.

As part of Star’s leading maintenance service, the branch provide planned preventative maintenance to minimise disruption and downtime for customers with exceptional health and safety standards.

Benefitting from corporate support, the branch offers a vast range of maintenance services, using the latest technology and best practice, including:

  • New Installations
  • Plant Upgrades and Refurbishment
  • Service works
  • Refrigeration Maintenance and condition based monitoring including:
    • Vibration Monitoring and Analysis
    • Ammonia Analysis
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Laser Alignment
  • Temperature Compliance Checks
  • Health and Safety advice
  • Legislative Compliance advice
  • Energy Monitoring and Advice
  • Live Plant Monitoring
  • Capital Planning & Asset Management
  • Fast and reliable Call Out service
  • Digital Documentation Management
  • Chiller Contingency Planning
  • Spares

Jeff Gurnett

North Regional Manager

Tel: 01132 878 708

Email: jgurnett@star-ref.co.uk

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0161 655 0240


0161 655 4407


Unit C6, Brookside Business Park Greengate Middleton Manchester M24 1GS

Technical Sales Manager

Sean Hurley

Service Manager

Phil Brown

Maintenance Manager

Eleanor Hague

Branch Administrator

Patrycja Kogut

Service Supervisor

Nick Payne


Just a note to record our appreciation that the chillers were delivered all the way to the lifting area safely and on time. Lewis (Star Manchester) was knowledgeable and helpful and has joined the team seamlessly, while the drivers were efficient, courteous, experienced and patient, which is important with any lifting activities and the checks which need to be undertaken.

The professionalism of all involved over the weekend has been commented on at campus level, and a thorough and positive report, reflecting the above, was sent out by the site incident manager who observed the weekend activities. These colleagues are used to demanding exacting standards, and the excellent comments we have received on site have been gauged against a lot of expertise and experience before being put in print. We look forward to the next phase of works.


Jon Hallett 

Project Manager, BES (Building Engineering Solutions Ltd.)

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