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James Ward

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  • Star Refrigeration helps The Ice Co Storage and Logistics repair cold store and expand business

    Star Refrigeration has built upon its long and fruitful relationship with The Ice Co Storage and Logistics  company with the successful replacement of its Coldstore plant in Newark. 

    The site had originally belonged to the ice manufacturing branch of the business, but due to expansion at other sites and a streamline of production, the site became unesed. Looking to lease the plant to a third party for refrigeration, storage and distribution purposes, the company invited Star to assess the costs of making it operational again.

    Paul Martin, Managing Director from The Ice Co Storage and Logistics said, “We’ve had a strong relationship with Star over the years, and knew they had the expertise for the job. We saw a business opportunity in our unused cold store, and with the cost-effective and highly-efficient solution provided by Star, the company has since achieved its initial aim of leasing the plant to a third party.”

    This invitation was extended on the strength of the strong relationship which Star has enjoyed with The Ice Co Storage and Logistics over many years and across a wide variety of projects. In recent times, Star Refrigeration has been overseen the successful conversion, replacement and refurbishment of plants in, Preston, South Kirkby and Wallsend.

    Furthermore, The Ice Co Storage and Logistics are one of many businesses to benefit from Star’s award-winning refrigeration energy management system Ethos, which scooped Refrigeration Product of the Year at the 2018 National ACR & Heat Pump Awards.

    On the strength of these impressive credentials, Ice Co Storage & Logistics deemed Star to be the best fit for the job in hand. Noting that the original Coldstore plant operated with a R404A refrigerant and an F-gas, currently being phased down by new regulations, Star concluded that in order to reinstate operations, the plant would require not only a controls upgrade and a condenser replacement, but also refrigerant conversion. These costs would have amounted to roughly the same as replacing the existing common plant with all new facilities; upon discussion with the client, it was agreed that comprehensive replacement represented the best option.

    Once the solution had been decided, the supply, installation and commissioning of the new plant was carried out as a branch contract through Star’s Leeds branch. The new plant took the form of two DX R449A condensing unit plants, both of which serve a single ceiling-mounted evaporator within the Coldstore. Both units operate at 36kW, which represents 65% of the maximum design duty, affording a solution which combines performance with resiliency.

    Star took advantage of an existing concrete plinth situated at ground level directly behind the internal evaporators to install the condensing units, while two networks of interconnecting pipework were run up the outside of the building to reach the roof void above the evaporators. This achieved a practical solution which minimised installation time, expense and effort.

    Star also prioritised energy-efficiency in this project. By incorporating the same electronic expansion valves, EC condenser fans (known to reduce energy consumption by up to 20% on their own) and a skip-defrost function in use at similar projects elsewhere in the group, Star were able to guarantee optimal energy consumption.

    Meanwhile, the original plant operated with a glycol underfloor heat mat (UFHM), which is atypical for a plant of its kind. Keen to use this UFHM as a platform to improve the plant’s energy-efficiency even further, Star installed heat recovery exchangers which recovered excess heat energy from the HP liquid line of each condensing unit and pumped it back into the UFHM as a green source of heat. This was a complex strategy not normally employed at refrigeration plants of this kind, but Star believe that its implementation will serve the company (and the third party which leases the plants) well in the future and as such represents an important investment and a reflection of Star’s forward-thinking values.

    Star worked closely with the client at every stage of the process, from identifying the best course of action and handling the finalisation of the branch contract, on through the design, supply and project management of the operation to the plant’s installation, commissioning and handover. In this way, the whole process was made incredibly simple for The Ice Co Storage & Logistics, who were very happy with the end product.

    For the same price as a basic refurbishment and upgrade of the original R404A plant, the client obtained a complete replacement of the Coldstore, which now meets all current regulations, enjoys increased energy-efficiency and represents an additional avenue of revenue through a third-party lease. What’s more, the project included a comprehensive maintenance contract for the first 12 months of the plant’s operation, ensuring it’s not only a reliable and lucrative asset today, but safeguarded by Star’s ongoing relationship with the company for the future.

    With the cost-effective and highly-efficient solution now in place, The Ice Co Storage & Logistics has since achieved their initial aim of leasing the plant to a third party.

    Star’s long and prosperous relationship with The Ice Co Storage & Logistics is emblematic of its wider ethos and business practices. With over 45 years in the business, Star has now grown to become the largest independent refrigeration and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor in the British Isles. In total, the business employs more than 300 staff at nine national branch locations and has extensive experience of delivering practical solutions and services to global leaders in the industry.

    Due to the multitude of locations throughout the UK in which Star operates, they are perfectly placed to offer impeccable service, fast response times and 24-hour technical support to businesses anywhere in the country. With each branch fully equipped to provide consultancy, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of cooling solutions to businesses in a wide variety of industries, Star has built a reputation for delivering exemplary standards at local, national and international levels.

  • AGC Chemicals Europe

    Based in Thornton Cleveleys, AGC Chemicals Europe is a global leading producer of fluorochemicals used in industrial applications, agriculture, construction and much more.
    When the site was hit by a major failure of  one of their process heat exchangers, an onsite contractor recommended Star as the reliable experts for the job.

    The equipment failure meant that AGC Chemicals could not operate its refrigerant process line. The process fluid needed to be cooled to below -300C which required specialist Low Temperature (LT) refrigeration equipment. Downtime on this process line is extremely costly to the business if it is not operational, so it was essential that an assessment and plan of action was developed rapidly in order to deliver the right solution. The client was looking for a temporary refrigeration solution for their process line that would allow them to  be operational again as quickly as possible.

    A team of senior engineers from Star’s local branch attended site within half an hour of the call-out. The issues were established and the temporary solution requirements were identified. Thanks to a business partnership with temporary supplier of chillers, Aggreko, Star was able to deliver the specialist temporary temperature controlled solution to site within a short time frame. Aggreko provided 2 off VLTC chillers for approximately 150kW of cooling to below -300C, two off heat rejection air cooled chillers, a special LT heat exchanger which was connected into the customer’s process line, circulation pumps, a buffer tank and generators. 

    Dr. Rudolph Prince, Head of Engineering at AGC Chemicals Europe, said, “The thing that really impressed us about Star was the speed in which they reacted to our situation. We needed the equipment on site as soon as possible so we could start up production again with minimum disruption. It was all coordinated over the weekend, and the temperature solution allowed us to be fully operational again within a few days so we didn’t suffer from further downtime.”

    Furthermore, the chemical plant found that the temporary refrigeration equipment was much more efficient than their fixed site equipment. Star’s selection of the right temporary solution for the site capacity and temperature requirements delivered a more effective cooling process, allowing for a larger output of product than the plant it replaced. This allowed the site to catch up with the back log of production from the downtime very quickly once they were operational again.

    Now that AGC Chemicals are aware of Star Refrigeration’s expertise, the companies are likely to form a long term partnership. Star has already delivered a second temporary solution with Aggreko elsewhere on site, and there is scope for consultation on overall site requirements.

    In terms of future work at the plant, Star plan to ensure AGC’s  peace of mind by protecting their business operations-should the unthinkable happen-with Star’s Refrigeration Temperature Control Contingency Plan Scheme. This will help the site prepare better for future refrigeration equipment failures. AGC Chemicals will turn to Star for any future equipment installation needs, with Star’s technical consultants, STS, ready to undertake a full site survey and produce a technical specification for a new installation to replace the time served plant.

    This successful project highlights how Star Refrigeration’s UK branch network can provide expertise and a rapid response in an industrial emergency situation. While the equipment failure was unwelcomed by AGC Chemicals Europe, it provided an opportunity for the company to see how more efficient technology could benefit them in the long term, both economically and environmentally.

    For more information on Star’s preventative services and contingency planning visit /news/chiller-contingency-planning-for-critical-cooling-situations-keeps-star-refrigeration-customers-cool.aspx