Services - Star Refrigeration

Standard and bespoke packaged equipment manufacture

Both our standard and bespoke packages are built to industrial standards, using only top quality industrial components from world leading brands to ensure maximum performance with the highest reliability in highly demanding environments.

Our proven, low-risk refrigeration and heating solutions have been used by hundreds of customers in the UK and around the world, and are proven to last, to reduce running costs and save you money in the long-run.

Our standard chillers are a competitive, lower cost solution which offer an average of 30% reduction in energy and carbon footprint than our competitors' offerings. The chillers are built using modular package design chillers to meet a diverse range of customer requirements.

The knowledge and experience gained over almost half a century of successful installations, from design to aftercare, have allowed us to develop the best industrial refrigeration chillers, including design features and components which have been proven through time. The R&D Star carries out in conjunction with our suppliers enable us to develop better and higher efficiency components, ensuring our chillers are the most sustainable available in the market today.

Star standard and bespoke systems are F-Gas ready to protect your investment and brand. They are easy to maintain, remaining efficient over time and providing the performance you require, and built to last a minimum of 20 years to save you the effort and expense needed to replace or upgrade.


Derek Barclay

Production Manager