"There is always a new challenge and if you are willing to learn, you will succeed."

Robert Skingley, Refrigeration Engineer

Robert is an engineer at Star Refrigeration's London branch, managing services for customers in East Anglia. Starting his career as a mechanical apprentice, he transitioned into refrigeration and joined Star five years ago to advance his skills. At Star, Robert benefits from a structured grading system that fosters professional growth through extensive training and diverse roles within the company. Passionate about problem-solving and efficiency, Robert thrives on overcoming technical challenges and improving services. He advocates for a career in industrial refrigeration, emphasising its potential for lifelong learning and success. Star provides him with continuous opportunities to develop and meet new challenges, making every day rewarding and dynamic.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at Star?

I am an engineer working for the London branch, looking after customers in the East Anglia area.

Have you always been an engineer – when did you first begin working in refrigeration?

My engineering career started as a mechanical apprentice, progressing into electrical engineering and then into refrigeration.

At what point in your career did you come into Star and how long did it take you to move onwards and upwards?

After ten years in the refrigeration industry, I moved to Star refrigeration to progress my career and have learnt a great deal in the last five years with Star.

Since you’ve been at Star, how have you found that the structured progression for engineers here has helped you?

The grading system means there are lots of opportunities for engineers at all levels to expand their knowledge and progress.

What does Star offer you for the future in terms of developing your unique career path?

There are lots of training and development opportunities within the company, and because there’s a wide range of roles there are opportunities that give valuable experience in all aspects of the business.

What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to advance their career in industrial refrigeration?

A job in refrigeration will provide a career for life that that is rewarding. There is always a new challenge and if you are willing to learn, you will succeed.

What makes you feel good in your job ; what are you passionate about?

I like to work on challenging tasks, and feel passionate about problem solving, improving efficiency and providing a good service.

How do you feel challenged at work?

By finding simple solutions to technical problems.

Robert Skingley, Refrigeration Engineer