"My career has progressed at a satisfying pace where I have moved up in grade increments each year. I’ve found this to be completely fair and it motivates me to keep pushing for that next step."

Scott Fitzpatrick, Refrigeration Engineer

Scott is an ST3a service and maintenance engineer with Star Refrigeration's Derby Ops team. With eight years at Star and a previous nine-year tenure as a Vehicle Mechanic in the British Army, Scott brings a wealth of experience to his role. On a daily basis, he handles everything from routine maintenance to the installation and commissioning of new plants and equipment. Scott's transition into refrigeration was sparked by his interest in vehicle air conditioning, leading him to pursue further training after leaving the armed forces. At Star, he has enjoyed a structured career path with steady annual promotions, facilitated by extensive training and a supportive team environment. He values the variety in his work, which keeps him constantly engaged and learning. Scott takes pride in efficiently resolving technical issues, saving customers both time and money, and he relishes the opportunity to build strong professional relationships through his work. His advice to anyone considering a career in industrial refrigeration is to embrace the challenges and opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at Star?

I am an ST3a service and maintenance engineer working out of the Derby Ops team.

On any given day I can be carrying out maintenance or service works, repairs, or installation and commissioning of new plants and equipment.

How long have you worked for Star and what was your previous role?

I have now worked for Star for eight years.

I previously served nine years in the British Army as a Vehicle Mechanic. Carried out overseas exercises in Africa and an operational tour of Afghanistan.

What does Star offer you in terms of developing your unique career path?

Star offer a very approachable step into the industry. My fast track apprenticeship was site based and hands-on while being paired with an experienced engineer until I was ready to continue on my own. Our office and engineering team all support each other with information and advice daily.

I have felt supported every step of the way and had a large variety of internal and external courses provided to me. These are ongoing and make sure that you’re always equipped to make progress.

What was it that attracted you to the refrigeration industry and to Star in particular?

My previous role as a vehicle mechanic led me onto a vehicle air conditioning course. This was my eye opener into refrigeration fundamentals. Once I decided to leave the armed forces, I chose an air con and refrigeration resettlement course. I then attended an employment fair and spoke to Star Refrigeration. Being new to the industry at the time, I had no bias to which company to seek out but a Star career sounded very appealing to me and I went for it.

How has your career developed and how long did it take you to move onwards and upwards at Star?

My career has progressed at a satisfying pace where I have moved up in grade increments each year. I’ve found this to be completely fair and it motivates me to keep pushing for that next step.

What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to advance their career in industrial refrigeration?

I would say take the opportunity and go for it! No two days are ever the same, as the role requires a variety of skills that will keep you engaged. The pay is great and the work hours are fair. You’ll be working in a supportive team and you’ll make some great friends along the way.

What makes you feel good in your job ; what are you passionate about?

It’s always a satisfying feeling when I correctly diagnose issues and faults swiftly. Saving a customer money, and potentially, down time.

Building a strong professional relationship with customers, knowing they’re happy with our work and efficiency.

I’ve also been involved with large industrial installs and it’s satisfying to see what we achieve as a team.

How do you feel challenged at work?

I like to push myself with new challenges frequently and this career provides that, whether it be fault finding on call-outs, preventing future problems or being involved with industrial installs.

Even when all seems well at a glance, when you properly look at a system there is always something to do, some fault to find or something to improve. There is so much in Refrigeration to learn which keeps it interesting.

Scott Fitzpatrick, Refrigeration Engineer