Knowledge Sharing Initiatives

Star Refrigeration work with a number of international industry associations, educational organisations and governmental institutions to enable the free exchange of knowledge, insight and experience in order to raise the profile of the industry and support the communities we operate in.
Sharing knowledge is vital for overcoming future industry challenges such as the development of the new generations, reducing global warming and protecting the Ozone layer. Moreover, it helps to promote the highest level of excellence within the engineering community.
Using decades of experience, we encourage the sharing of knowledge within our own organisation, our industry and the wider community through a range of initiatives.

Fantastic Fridges

Star Refrigeration participated in the development of the Institute of Refrigeration’s (IOR) educational site, Fantastic Fridges, which aims to raise awareness of refrigeration technologies amongst schoolchildren. For more information visit
Every year Fantastic Fridges organises The Cool for School competition for 11 to 14 year olds. The competition aims to challenge KS3 students to explore the science, technology, engineering and mathematical principles that underlie refrigeration processes, and come up with a video of a simple experiment or presentation to demonstrate one of these. A number of great prizes are up for grabs including £2,000 worth of science kit packed with equipment and books for the winning team’s school.
What could you do to help?
To promote this fantastic initiative you could help in a number of ways:
  1. Forward this information to some of the schools in your area
  2. Talk to your friends who have school age kids and let them know about this project. Anyone with children in key stage 3 could really stand a good chance of winning the prize for their school.
  3. Do you have friends who are teachers and might be interested in obtaining a science kit for their school?
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