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"From the Supervisors to the Operations Director, they are always looking out for you and your teammates’ well-being."

Snozone cooler delivery

"I have been with Star nearly 18 months and have successfully moved up to the next Star grade."

Darren Noakes, Refrigeration Engineer

Meet Darren, a Refrigeration Engineer at Star, based out of the Bristol depot. He covers the South West area, primarily working on ammonia refrigeration plants. Darren originally trained as a Heavy Goods Mechanic, transitioning into transport refrigeration before retraining in refrigeration and electrical systems. He joined Star 18 months ago at the age of 50 to gain more experience in ammonia refrigeration and has already progressed to the next grade. Darren appreciates Star's clear structure and progression path, which was evident from his induction. Regular appraisals and one-to-ones have kept him informed about what is required for advancement and available opportunities within the company. He values the supportive environment, where supervisors and directors look out for their team's well-being. Darren loves the technical challenges of the trade and advises anyone interested in industrial refrigeration to pursue it for a rewarding career.

"I joined Star permanently because it provided me with the resources I needed to build a career."

"As an engineer you get to experience a lot of different aspects of the business – maintenance, compliance, installation, testing etc. So depending on what you enjoy, you could go into any of those areas, or sales, management, whatever. If you want to specialise, there’s plenty of opportunity."

Neil Ryemill, Refrigeration Engineer

Neil is an ST5 engineer at Star Refrigeration, with a career spanning nearly 25 years. He focuses on commissioning, technical strategy, and overseeing major installations, also providing essential technical support and maintenance services. Neil's role demands precision and adaptability, managing projects that often involve remote monitoring and advanced data management. Choosing an apprenticeship at Star over university, Neil was drawn by the practical training and career potential offered, which helped him progress through Star’s detailed grading system. He values the innovative and varied nature of his work, which keeps him engaged and continuously learning. Neil advises anyone interested in industrial refrigeration to embrace the opportunities in this secure and evolving field, highlighting the sector's contribution to energy efficiency and the global push towards Net Zero.

"The pay is great and the work hours are fair."

"My career has progressed at a satisfying pace where I have moved up in grade increments each year. I’ve found this to be completely fair and it motivates me to keep pushing for that next step."

Scott Fitzpatrick, Refrigeration Engineer

Scott is an ST3a service and maintenance engineer with Star Refrigeration's Derby Ops team. With eight years at Star and a previous nine-year tenure as a Vehicle Mechanic in the British Army, Scott brings a wealth of experience to his role. On a daily basis, he handles everything from routine maintenance to the installation and commissioning of new plants and equipment. Scott's transition into refrigeration was sparked by his interest in vehicle air conditioning, leading him to pursue further training after leaving the armed forces. At Star, he has enjoyed a structured career path with steady annual promotions, facilitated by extensive training and a supportive team environment. He values the variety in his work, which keeps him constantly engaged and learning. Scott takes pride in efficiently resolving technical issues, saving customers both time and money, and he relishes the opportunity to build strong professional relationships through his work. His advice to anyone considering a career in industrial refrigeration is to embrace the challenges and opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth.

"There are lots of training and development opportunities within the company, and because there’s a wide range of roles there are opportunities that give valuable experience in all aspects of the business."

"There is always a new challenge and if you are willing to learn, you will succeed."

Robert Skingley, Refrigeration Engineer

Robert is an engineer at Star Refrigeration's London branch, managing services for customers in East Anglia. Starting his career as a mechanical apprentice, he transitioned into refrigeration and joined Star five years ago to advance his skills. At Star, Robert benefits from a structured grading system that fosters professional growth through extensive training and diverse roles within the company. Passionate about problem-solving and efficiency, Robert thrives on overcoming technical challenges and improving services. He advocates for a career in industrial refrigeration, emphasising its potential for lifelong learning and success. Star provides him with continuous opportunities to develop and meet new challenges, making every day rewarding and dynamic.

"I would say that Star offers the most opportunities for an engineer in industrial refrigeration."

"Star is the only refrigeration company I have worked for where there are grades. Everybody knows their skill grade and can find the requirements needed to progress in their professional careers. It really helps to know what further experience and skills are needed to progress in your role."

Freddie Pireyn, Refrigeration Engineer

Freddie is a field engineer at Star Refrigeration, managing industrial refrigeration systems and handling business development in the South West. His refrigeration career began in 1996, with a focus on electromechanical engineering. Freddie transitioned to industrial refrigeration in 2012 and joined Star in 2020, where he progressed to an ST4 grade in less than four years. He values the supportive and cooperative environment at Star, with open communication and regular health and safety meetings. The structured grading system clearly outlines career progression, and training opportunities allow Freddie to advance his skills. He believes Star is an ideal place for engineers looking to develop in industrial refrigeration, offering varied opportunities across the industry.

"The advice I would give is if anyone was interested in advancing their career in industrial refrigeration is give Star a try"

"Star offers a lot of training and courses that enable me to learn what I need to get to grips with the different and much larger plant. There’s a guidance and structure here that means even if you do feel intimidated at first by the size of plant you’re dealing with, there’s always someone to ask and there’s a clear progression pathway so you’re never out of your depth."

Pete Southern, Refrigeration Engineer

"Pete is a field-based engineer at Star Refrigeration, specialising in servicing systems from small DX chillers to large cold store warehouses. Transitioning from commercial supermarket refrigeration, he was drawn to Star for its comprehensive approach to maintenance and prevention, moving away from the quick-fix culture of his previous job. In his seven years at Star, Pete has enjoyed structured career progression, mastering complex ammonia systems and benefiting from extensive training and support. Star's emphasis on health, safety, and thorough service resonates with him, enhancing his professional development."

"I previously worked for a large American chiller company in the north-east of England. I decided to leave this company almost six years ago and join Star Refrigeration. The reason for this was that the career prospects at Star offered the greatest potential."

"The Star work-life balance mantra works well for me, especially with two young children and studying in my personal time"

Liam Carver, Refrigeration Engineer

Liam is an ST4 Industrial Refrigeration Engineer at Star Refrigeration’s Newcastle branch, specialising in ammonia/CO2 systems and complex chillers. He joined Star six years ago, drawn by its excellent training and clear career progression paths. Liam quickly advanced from ST2C to ST4 with Star’s support to complete his engineering degree and further professional development. He thrives on tackling technical challenges, ensuring efficient system operations and minimal downtime for customers. Liam values Star's commitment to his growth and work-life balance, encouraging engineers to embrace challenges and advance within the company.

"I started at Star at the bottom of the engineering structure and have steadily moved through the ranks and become a better engineer because of the experience I have received."

"Star offered me a clear progression path in the form of the ST grading structure"

Lewis Wilkinson, Refrigeration Engineer

Meet Lewis, an Industrial Refrigeration Engineer at Star Refrigeration's Manchester branch. He transitioned to Star four years ago after working for six years at a commercial refrigeration company, drawn by Star's industry reputation and the scale of its projects. Lewis works on large ammonia/CO2 systems and is involved in installations and upgrades. Star has enabled Lewis's steady rise through its structured ST grading system, offering clear career progression and diverse engineering experiences. He advises aspiring engineers to seize the opportunities at Star for extensive learning and advancement. At Star, Lewis appreciates the autonomy in his role and the respect for his professional opinions

"Because my roles are so varied I always feel that there is a new challenge to get stuck into, whether it is learning new equipment and processes or helping to increase the branch’s customer base. And a rewarding challenge is building the relationships with customers that Star prides itself on."

"Star has a second to none approach to training and development"

Graham Whitfield, Service Supervisor

Graham Whitfield is one of Star's Service Supervisors at the Newcastle Branch. He began his career directly from college, transitioning to Star for the opportunity to work with advanced equipment. Over nine years, he progressed from an engineer to a Service Supervisor, where he now enhances branch operations and supports the engineering team. Star’s exceptional training and development programs have been instrumental in his career growth, allowing him to expertly manage tasks from diagnostics to repair completions. He advises engineers to step out of their comfort zones to advance their technical skills, supported by Star’s robust framework.

"I’ve only been with the company a short period of time and already been put through several training courses with more in the pipeline. In comparison to the other companies I’ve worked for, Star provides a lot more opportunities for progressing in to other roles should this be something I’m ever interested in."

"Star offers a clear path to develop and progress in my career."

Chris Bremner, Service Supervisor

Chris transitioned to Star in August 2023 after 14 years as an industrial refrigeration engineer, seeking new challenges and the opportunity to mentor others. His role involves balancing office and on-site responsibilities, supporting engineers, and ensuring safety and efficiency. At Star, Chris has rapidly progressed from a refrigeration engineer to service supervisor at Bellshill, benefiting from tailored training courses aimed at career development. He thrives on problem-solving, mentoring younger engineers, and driving high standards across operations. Chris advises those in the field to stay curious, maintain a positive attitude, and continuously seek growth opportunities.

"Star Refrigeration is well known within the industry and when I was offered a job, I knew it was a great opportunity for me."

"Star has an excellent engineer-focussed training and experience programme which allows us to work our way up to a higher-grade engineer. "

Ben Woolsey, Refrigeration Engineer

Ben Woolsey is an ST4 grade engineer at Star Refrigeration, who plays a crucial role in ensuring that customer cooling plants are serviced and maintained to the highest standards. Ben's interest in refrigeration began at his father's AC and refrigeration company, where he received his initial training and qualifications. Drawn to Star for its industry reputation, Ben has benefited from the company's engineer-focused training programme, which has enabled him to advance from a newly qualified ST1 engineer to ST4 over the last 16 years. He advises those looking to progress in industrial refrigeration to be determined, embrace continuous learning, and feel rewarded in realising the critical impact their work has on the food supply chain.

"what attracted me to Star was the opportunity to work in a big environment alongside people at the apex of their respective area of expertise"

"Although I only just joined, I'm already working towards my next step on the company ladder. At the moment I’m at Star Technical level ST3a, and there’s a clear pathway to progress through the grades."

Angelo Guido, Refrigeration Engineer

Meet Angelo Guido, a seasoned Service Engineer at Star Refrigeration with 27 years of experience. Angelo manages a variety of industrial refrigeration plants and is currently at Star Technical level ST3a, with clear paths for advancement supported by targeted training. He chose Star for the opportunity to work alongside top industry experts in a robust, team-oriented environment. Angelo advises newcomers to start with a strong apprenticeship program to build a solid foundation. At Star, he feels valued for the comprehensive benefits and the potential for continuous career development.

"From management to the directors, everybody listens and our opinions matter to them."

"My best advice I could give would be to apply for a position at Star Refrigeration! You will receive the best possible training in the industry and there are many different career paths you could follow."

Alan Versfeld, Refrigeration Engineer

Alen Versfeld is an ST3B grade engineer at Star Refrigeration’s Derby branch. Originally from South Africa, he transitioned from running his own air-conditioning business to industrial refrigeration at Star, motivated by personal and professional growth amidst political and safety concerns in his home country. Over five years, he has progressed from ST1A to ST3B, thanks to Star's extensive training opportunities and a supportive work environment that emphasises safety and customer satisfaction. He is passionate about delivering excellent service and mentoring the next generation of engineers.

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