Roadshow 2013

The formative event was packed with case studies, expert insights and the latest developments in legislation, regulation and technology.

Three days of presentations, sharing experiences, networking with peers & taking part in demonstrations about “The Future of Industrial Cooling & Heating: Reap the benefits”.

If you could not make it, have a look at the presentations and let us know if you wish to discuss any of the issues raised more in depth.

“I got a lot of information that I didn’t already know that will help us in the future, especially the legislation and the changeover from R22. We are now looking to change our refrigerant early next year.”
Food Manufacturing Sector

“Very useful, not too technical to understand.”
Building Services Sector

“I thought the presentations were excellent and introduced areas I would like to investigate further.”
Energy Sector

The CPD presentations were as follows:

  • R22 phase out / Legislation / Refrigerants / H&S:
    David Blackhurst – Director of Star Technical Solutions
  • Energy Efficiency / Total Life Cycle / Free Cooling:
    Rob Lamb – Group Sales & Marketing Director
  • Heat Recovery / Free Heating / Renewable Heat Incentive / Carbon Reduction Commitment:
    Dave Pearson – Director of Innovation
  • Maintenance / Reduction of operation costs and energy consumption through site monitoring:
    Andy Smith – Branch Manager at Star Manchester