Azanechiller – The Natural Choice

Derek Hamilton
Business Development Manager - Azane Inc.

Environmentally conscious ammonia chiller solutions for HVAC and process cooling – Star Refrigeration’s Azanechiller range is designed to meet the challenges facing the building services and process cooling markets, including:

  • Environmental impact
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability

Azanechiller overcomes environmental and long term availability concerns regarding HFC refrigerants. Ammonia is environmentally benign, with zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential. It offers exceptional efficiencies across a wide range of operating conditions. Azanechiller can operate with a variety of secondary fluids to provide cooling temperatures both above and below 0°C. This enables Azanechiller to be used in HVAC, IT, ice rink, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other process applications.

Star’s standard Azanechiller range features two compressors, high efficiency suction separator and plate and shell evaporator. Each package comes pre-wired with a factory mounted electrical control panel. Air cooled, water cooled and remote evaporative condenser options are available.

Azanechiller energy efficiency options include:

  • Variable speed compressor drive motor – offers improvements in coefficient of performance greater than 15% at part load conditions.
  • Variable compression ratio (Vi) – offers energy benefits of over 10% compared to fixed Vi compression based on part load conditions.
  • Variable speed condenser fans – improves system efficiency and reduces running costs.
  • Adiabatic condenser – enables Azanechiller to operate at lower condensing conditions during periods of warm ambient temperature. Reduces peak summer ambient condenser temperatures by between 5K and 10K.

Azanechillers are designed to meet space constraints of new or existing buildings. Units can be designed for external or plant room locations. Options include weatherproof housing and acoustic lining for noise sensitive locations.

Azanechiller can be custom designed to meet individual requirements, including capacity, refrigerant charge, footprint, noise and heat recovery (three options available). All components are selected to offer high efficiency and best value.

Azanechiller can be adapted to operate in hazardous area applications. Safety equipment including automatic gas detection sensors, emergency lighting and plant room ventilation systems can also be provided.

Azanechillers are designed to provide reliable operation for over 25 years. Each chiller can be linked to Star’s 24-hour monitoring service. The Telstar control system ensures optimum performance throughout the year.

Current Azanechiller installations have capacities ranging from 160kW to over 3MW. Multi Megawatt installations are provided by interlinking multiple chillers.

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Azanechiller – The Natural Choice

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