Europe’s first CO2 qualification developed by Star Refrigeration, BRA and City & Guilds

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

Star Refrigeration, the UK’s leading provider of cooling and heating solutions, launch two brand new courses in CO2 refrigeration through their award-winning eLearning platform

Star Refrigeration engineers developed the syllabus and content of the online courses by summarising and condensing the knowledge gained over almost 50 years of testing, designing and developing systems using natural refrigerants including CO2, ammonia and hydrocarbons.

The courses provide users from any country with essential information and knowledge for working on CO2 systems plus they offer added value by covering all the theoretical knowledge requirements in either Installation and Commissioning or Service and Maintenance, for the City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate 6187 -31 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Refrigeration Systems.  Both courses also exceed the minimum training and certification requirements guidance for European contractors and engineers by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration European Association’s (AREA).

John Fraser, Executive Director of Star Refrigeration says, “We have put together all the theoretical knowledge an engineer will required to have in order to cover the syllabus specified by the UK’s CO2 Refrigeration Level 3 Qualification developed in 2013 in collaboration with the British Refrigeration Association (B.R.A.) and City and Guilds.”

“The eLearning courses on CO2 Refrigeration are short online interactive courses that can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere by anyone interested in acquiring the underpinning knowledge required to work with CO2 Refrigeration systems. The courses contain a wealth of information on CO2 including descriptions and line drawings of the various types of systems and also random banks of multiple choice questions to allow candidates to prepare for the actual City & Guilds theoretical test.”

“On successful completion of the courses, students receive a CPD Diploma accredited by CIBSE and the CPD Construction Service.”

The online courses are suitable for engineers interested in preparing for the City & Guilds CO2 Refrigeration qualification, which is divided into two assessment units, a theory element and a practical element. The theory test is scheduled to last for 90 minutes and the practical test can take from 6 to 7 hours to complete. Star can recommend a training partner in the UK for practical training and assessment, alternatively the candidate can present site based evidence to City and Guilds centres for assessment.

To find out more about the theory preparation courses on CO2 Refrigeration for Installation and Commissioning and Service and Maintenance, please visit

Full details for the new qualifications for all natural refrigerants including ammonia, hydrocarbons and CO2 are available via the City & Guilds website

Europe’s first CO2 qualification developed by Star Refrigeration, BRA and City & Guilds

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