Free cooling advice at the Star Roadshow

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

Cooling & heating experts will be offering free advice on legislation, heat recovery, R22 phase out and energy saving

Star Refrigeration is running a series of roadshow events to bring end-users, consultants and facilities management companies working with industrial cooling and heating solutions up to date with the latest developments in legislation, regulation and technology. The free CPD certified half-day event will be take place in Glasgow, Leeds and Reading and will be of benefit to those planning installation, replacement or maintenance for 2014.

The event will feature presentations by an array of senior expert engineers at Star, who will discuss the most timely and pressing issues that affect businesses relying on large cooling systems to operate competitively. Other senior staff from Star with expertise in different aspects of refrigeration will attend the event to provide information and advice on the more specific issues that attendees might raise during the CPD certified event.

The Star team will share ideas and answer questions on different subjects, ranging from the R22 phase out (banned from 2015) to heat recovery (delivering free hot water from cooling systems) to F-Gas regulations, energy savings and improved maintenance.

Dave Pearson, Star’s Director of Innovation, specialises in heat recovery and environmentally friendly technology such as heat pumps, and will be offering advice on how to recover heat from cooling systems to be re-used in heating. Dave will demonstrate how combined heating & cooling delivers a 40% reduction in hot water costs – 15% of the UK’s electricity is used for cooling, whilst heat accounts for 50%, and this could be delivered with recovered heat, saving time, money and the environment.

David Blackhurst, MD of Star Technical Solutions, will also be speaking at the event on the potential phase down of F-Gases (HFCs), and what businesses can do to prepare for this. His presentation will act as a wake up call for end-users to stay competitive and meet carbon requirements.

Andy Smith is the manager of the Manchester branch and also a maintenance expert, who will educate attendees in how to maintain a refrigeration plant efficiently and reliably to avoid under or over maintenance. This will provide a pathway to a safer business. The subject of his presentation is: “Does maintenance really pay off or is it just box ticking?”

Finally, Dr Rob Lamb, Star’s Group Sales & Marketing Director, will provide an insight into energy saving technology and design that will help reduce energy costs to improve the performance of new and existing cooling systems. He had this to say about the event: “We have put together an extremely functional programme that breaks down all you need to know about recent developments in our industry, that will enable businesses to plan for the future with confidence.”

The free half-day event will provide information in energy and carbon reduction, legal compliance, and Health & Safety issues, and will help customers identify challenges within their business and outline strategies to address the ongoing changes, providing professional and practical guidance.

Star is expecting management from all industry sectors to attend, so this will also be an excellent opportunity for networking and will give attendees a chance to compare and learn from the experiences of other end-users within the same sector.

A question and answer session with each of the speakers will be hosted after the conference to ensure attendees receive in-depth, functional advice in a very convenient setup over a complimentary lunch.

The events will be taking place in Glasgow, Leeds and Reading on 24th, 25th and 26th September respectively from 09.00 to 13:00 hours.

Read more about our roadshow here.

Free cooling advice at the Star Roadshow

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