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Rob Lamb
Group Sales & Marketing Director

In support of long term partner in Russia “Olex Holdings”, Star are presenting a range of natural working fluid heat pumps at Chillventa 2012. Held in Russia’s largest exhibition facility “The Crocus Expo Centre”, Chillventa is Russia’s premier international Trade Fair for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps for Commercial and Industrial use.

With rising energy prices across the entire world, even Russia has picked up that Star’s Neatpumps can boost low grade waste energy from below 0°C to over 90°C degrees, saving cost as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Potential applications for large industrial heatpumps range from district heating to power station optimisation to greenhouse heating. Wherever there is a source of low grade heat and a need for a higher grade, a heat pump should be evaluated. Star have tackled a range of heating projects over the last 3 years using Bitzer and Vilter compressors, whilst exploiting CO2, ammonia and R134a as the working fluid.

Commenting on the market and the event, Star Refrigeration’s Group Sales and Marketing Director Dr Robert Lamb said, “It is plainly evident that even at current energy prices, for commercial reasons alone, a heat pump makes far more sense than burning fossil fuel simply to heat something up.”

He added: “Star Refrigeration are world leaders in the exploitation of heat pumps using natural working fluids and it is fantastic to be supporting one of our growing number of international partners as we share the experiences built up so far. It is therefore a pleasure for Douglas Scott (Key Relationship Manager – Heating) and myself to be with Alexander, Andre and the rest of the Olex team. Olex have already completed some key ammonia refrigeration projects, so we are looking forward to evaluating the Neatpump opportunities with them.”

The team are in Hall 4, Stand G36 from 7th February to 9th February 2012.

Hot news from a chilly -18°C Moscow

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