IHEEM Conference

Dave Pearson
Director - Star Renewable Energy

Star Refrigeration’s Director of Innovation, Dave Pearson, spoke at the recent IHEEM conference in Harrogate. The main topic was a review of the successful low charge ammonia chiller project for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Aside from being located in a built up area of London, the project was noted as being superior in respect of waste heat recovery. With projected savings in excess of £100k per annum, the hospital should be rewarded for their choice of system year after year. Indeed, based on the design being typical Star Refrigeration robustness, they will be making savings for over 20 years! The project team and the system are finalists at the Building Better Healthcare Awards (BBH) on 12th November 09. The second part of Dave’s presentation described how the Star Refrigeration Envitherm CO2 heat pump could be used to provide cooling, but more importantly, capture 100% of the waste heat into the LPHW (hot water) circuit at 70°C. This feature will save significant quantities of gas being burned, CO2 being released and of course hard cash, with a payback period of less than 3 years. With 50% funding available from the SALIX project, the savings will be realised in less than 2 years. There is significant interest in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems within the NHS being based on providing hot water as a by product of less efficient local power production. The use of Envitherm and its unique ability to harness the waste heat from cooling processes will render these calculations obsolete as the hot water will be produced at far lower costs. Envitherm could kill the CHP systems! For further enquiries regarding CO2 heat pumps, please contact Sales.
IHEEM Conference

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