Indigochiller’s three year warranty

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

When Star developed the Indigochiller, we aimed to build in features that we believed would make it the best chiller on the market. By ‘best’ we mean the chiller that would offer the lowest cost of ownership to the end user over the expected life of the plant. We built in unrivalled durability through the use of rugged, industrial components and we aimed to make the chiller leakproof, ensuring that all sources of refrigerant leak were eliminated wherever possible. Of course anyone can claim that their product is efficient, reliable and maintenance friendly. That’s why we invite you to “go for 3 points”. We match our impressive chiller with an equally impressive three point guarantee. To read more about the Indigochiller and its 3 year warranty click here.
Indigochiller’s three year warranty

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