IOR Annual Dinner 2016 Quiz Answer

Andy Pearson
Group Managing Director

Here’s the answer to the Star IOR quiz…

Pizza π

Ken’s crust was 12π cm long. Here’s how we did it. If you cut a strip of crust 3cm wide off half of the medium sized pizza and add it to the small pizza you will have two servings with the same shape and the same area; one side of the shape is a semicircle of 18cm diameter and the other side is a semicircle of 24cm diameter. If you now cut the same shape out of the centre of the large pizza you will have two pieces of equal area – and obviously equal to the area of the other two pieces. The middle of the large pizza went to Lou and I took the edge of it – all crust! Jim got all of the small pizza plus half the crust of the medium one. Ken was delighted to get the rest of the medium sized pizza, which had a crust round half the circumference, so a length of 12π cm for a 24 cm diameter.

IOR Annual Dinner 2016 Quiz Answer

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