It’s Boys vs. Girls at the 2016 Clydesdale Corporate Regatta

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

Star Refrigeration have two teams competing in this year‘s Clydesdale Corporate Regatta, which will be held on Saturday 27th August at Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club on the River Clyde beside Glasgow Green.

The annual sporting event is starting to become somewhat of a tradition for Star now, after the Mustard and the Starlords’ epic showdown on the Clyde last year. This year a whole new set of staff members are stepping up to the plate, and it’s the battle of the sexes as four Star guys take on four Star girls!


Let’s hear it for the boys…

  • John Clark
  • Martin Jack
  • Dave Pearson
  • Andy Lamb



Here come the girls…

  • Marie Gillies
  • Claire Syme
  • Eve McGlynn
  • Denise March


Training began for the teams on 4th and 5th July in the tank at Strathclyde training centre and they will soon begin training on the Clyde (possibly in the Clyde…!)

The big day will be on Saturday 27th August at the Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club. Everyone is welcome to come along – if you need some persuading then there will be plenty of free cakes (maybe even a special rowing cake by our Star baker David MacLeod?!), BBQ and beers there on the day!

It’s Boys vs. Girls at the 2016 Clydesdale Corporate Regatta

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