Low Carbon Refrigeration Systems for Large Distribution Centres to be discussed at IMECHE Conference


Refrigeration consultant Dr Dermot Cotter from Star Technical Solutions will be discussing the latest developments in low carbon cooling technology for the cold chain next week.

Star Refrigeration is inviting cold chain customers to attend an online event focused on the critical challenge of achieving net-zero carbon and innovations in cooling technology.

‘Engineering an Efficient and Sustainable Cold Chain’ is a live online conference taking place on 2 March 2021. Hosted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE), the event will explore the challenges faced by the cold chain, alongside the latest innovations in refrigeration engineering.

The seminar programme features a presentation by Dr Dermot Cotter, Managing Director of Star Technical Solutions, Star’s engineering consultancy service. He will discuss modern low carbon refrigeration systems for large distribution centres.

Dr Dermot Cotter from Star Technical Solutions, said: “There are a number of ways in which we can help large distribution centre operators to increase energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and cut carbon emissions. For example, eliminating ambient air infiltration in a refrigerated warehouse will significantly reduce the cooling requirement on a traditional system.”

“Modern low carbon refrigeration systems for cold stores feature high efficiency components such as condensers, compressors and controls. These incorporate the latest refrigeration engineering technology to achieve the lowest operating cost. In addition, compact ammonia packaged plants have an optimised design to maximise energy efficient operation and minimise life cycle costs.”

According to IMECHE, the cold chain is responsible for around 2.5% of global greenhouse gas output. IMECHE is urging cold chain operators and engineers to find more efficient and sustainable ways to deliver cooling in response to the UK’s net-zero carbon target.

The IMECHE event will focus on developments in refrigeration engineering throughout the entire cold chain – from production to storage, transport and retail. Cold chain industry leaders, engineering experts and academics will discuss the latest research and explore how novel technology is being developed and applied to tackle complex cooling problems.

Speakers at the one-day conference event include representatives from supermarkets, pharmaceutical companies, medical organisations and cooling solution providers, as well as industry regulators and policy makers.

The ‘Engineering an Efficient and Sustainable Cold Chain’ live online seminar runs from 10am to 4.40pm on 2 March 2021. For more details and to register, visit: https://events.imeche.org/ViewEvent?code=CMP7217

Low Carbon Refrigeration Systems for Large Distribution Centres to be discussed at IMECHE Conference

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