Low charge ammonia benefits discussed at International Institute of Refrigeration’s Conference 2017

  • Dr Rob Lamb


Astrid Prado

Marketing Manager

Star Refrigeration will be participating at an international industry conference on ammonia refrigeration. Star Refrigeration's Dr Rob Lamb will take the opportunity to promote the benefits of low charge ammonia systems at the 7th IIR Conference in Macedonia on 11th- 13th May 2017.

This year, The International Institute of Refrigeration’s Conference has a focus on natural refrigeration, including Ammonia and CO2 refrigeration technologies. Star Refrigeration has nearly 50 years experience in the cooling and heating sectors and is perfectly positioned to share knowledge and offer expertise in natural refrigerants and innovations available today.

The global phase down of traditional HFC refrigerants is gaining momentum and this provides an opportunity for natural fluids such as ammonia and CO2 to become the refrigerants of choice for a variety of large and small applications. Star Refrigeration has long been an advocate of ammonia systems, and Dr Lamb’s paper will shed light on the growing use of low charge ammonia solutions including the environmental, life cycle benefits, safety concerns and related legislation.

Dr Lamb, Star Refrigeration Group Sales and Marketing Director said, “The global trend towards using natural refrigerants is growing and we will see the wider use of ammonia in the future. Events such as the IIR Conference are a great opportunity to discuss the benefits of low charge ammonia systems and share our knowledge and experience with other world leaders in the industry as well as end users who are interested in the latest low-charge ammonia developments”.

The International Institute of Refrigeration is a global organisation which was formed over 100 years ago. It currently has 58 member countries and organises events all over the world promoting knowledge of refrigeration and related technologies. It also provides market news, data and publications relevant to the industry for its members.

Dr Lamb’s paper gives a relevant overview of low charge ammonia refrigeration systems looking at the multiple factors driving the transition to greener, cleaner and more efficient cooling solutions. It will also highlight future developments which look set to shape the low charge ammonia revolution, and how these innovative technologies can help industries hit energy efficiency and carbon targets.

The International Institute of Refrigeration conference runs from 11th -13th May 2017 in Ohrid, Macedonia.

To find out more about the event and register go to:

For more information about the IIR, visit http://www.iifiir.org