New Director of Innovation

Dave Pearson
Director - Star Renewable Energy

A new but familiar face has returned to Star Refrigeration’s head office in Glasgow.

Dave Pearson has rejoined the Star team in the new role of Director of Innovation. Dave’s remit is to continue Star’s extensive and innovative development work to maximise customer value in all of Star’s markets. With Star’s history of high efficiency refrigeration technology since 1970, this will be good news for a market suffering from high energy costs.

Dave (35) has worked for Star Refrigeration since 1989, initially during university placements. After three years with screw compressor manufacturer Howden, he joined Star’s design team in Glasgow in 1998. In 2004, Star acquired the freezing and chilling equipment specialist “Starfrost” and Dave joined the management team in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Commenting on his appointment as Star’s Director of Innovation, Dave Pearson says: “It’s great to rejoin Star at a time when the development team have completed the development of so many ‘high efficiency’ solutions. Our CO2 systems, low charge LPR ammonia plants, oil-free Turbocor chillers and ‘free-cooling’ Thermosyphon systems for data centres are providing customers with higher value, energy efficient solutions exactly when they need it most. With some of our systems using 60% less power than common industry cooling solutions the tide of high energy bills can be repelled. Our Envitherm ‘heater-cooler’ provides chilled water in one place and free hot water in another and is perfect for hotels and hospitals using cooling and seeking lower heating bills. Simply put we capture the waste heat from cooling so the boilers run less. Another solution, the Thermosysphon ‘Freecooler’ has been saving some major UK banks over 30% of their data cooling cost for nearly 20 years. The challenge is to encourage others to take benefit of this simple solution; saving upwards of £400k per annum. You can trust the banks to be frugal whilst understanding life cycle cost!”

Dave adds: “Innovation is a popular buzz word, but it is often taken to mean ‘new ideas’, or even ‘risky development’. To Star, “Innovation” means the journey along which ideas are turned into proven reality. In a broader sense, my role is about ‘bringing ideas to life’ to the point where they are not a novelty anymore but well established, mature technologies.”

New Director of Innovation

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