Search Is On for Refrigeration Industry’s ‘Star Pupil’ in New Online Quiz

Star Refrigeration is launching a weekly online quiz to find the refrigeration and HVAC industry’s ‘Star Pupil’.

The Star Pupil Quiz is designed to encourage industrial cooling and heating professionals to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date during the COVID-19 pandemic. The weekly quiz will offer individuals the chance to win a prize, by watching a short video on the Star website and providing the correct answers to a set of related questions.

The Star Pupil Quiz is based on a series of CPD certified online video presentations, featuring industry experts speaking at events, seminars and conferences. The videos complement the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policies of organisations in various market sectors associated with the refrigeration and HVAC industry.

Star Refrigeration’s Rob Lamb says: “Many professionals connected to our industry are currently adapting to a new home-based working environment, due to the COVID-19 lockdown. We hope that our Star Pupil Quiz will encourage them to consider engaging in some proactive online learning to enhance their skillset.”

Dr. Lamb adds: “The quiz utilises CPD certified video content from the Star website to help individuals to develop new skills and test their knowledge. There is also the chance for one player to win a prize each week and be crowned our ‘Star Pupil’.”

Launching in May 2020, the weekly Star Pupil Quiz will use social media channels to invite players to view one of Star’s CPD certified online video presentations and answer three content related questions. Players will take part via email and all correct entries submitted will be entered into a draw. The winner each week will be selected at random and crowned ‘Star Pupil’, receiving an online shopping voucher for their efforts.

Star’s CPD certified video presentations are aimed at end users, consultants, construction companies, architects and engineers working in industries associated with industrial refrigeration and HVAC. The online videos cover topics such as minimising energy costs, improving efficiency, plant installation, maintenance and aftercare. Each video has been independently scrutinised to ensure the quality and value of the content meets the required CPD standard.

CPD is essential in helping individuals, organisations and entire industries to keep skills and knowledge up-to-date. CPD certified activities, training courses, workshops and events, allow industry professionals to work towards individual accreditations. Supporting key staff with CPD training and learning can help employers to maintain a competitive advantage for their organisation.

Follow the link to take part in this weeks quiz and the chance to win a £25.00 Amazon voucher!

Search Is On for Refrigeration Industry’s ‘Star Pupil’ in New Online Quiz

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