Speakers Announced for Star Refrigeration’s 2017 National Roadshow

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

Star Refrigeration’s 2017 Roadshow kicks off on 17th October in Sheffield at the Magna Science Centre, then makes its way to Bristol at the Aerospace Museum on 18th October, Canada Water Culture Space in London on 19th October and finishing at the Science Museum in Glasgow on 25th October.

Anticipation is building ahead of Star Refrigeration’s national roadshow, where the company’s senior experts will travel the UK from 17th – 25th October. The topics and speakers of the free seminars have recently been announced, with the roadshow calling at Sheffield, Bristol, London and Glasgow. The event features presentations on  some of the most topical issues facing the refrigeration, hvac and heating industry today.

Star’s 2017 Roadshow is designed to advise refrigeration end users about current industry issues and share expertise which can help them make informed decisions. The free CPD events will start at 8.30am and consist of five seminars followed by Q&A sessions. There will also be an opportunity after the presentations from 11.00am to 12.00pm for attendees to have one-to-one sessions to discuss particular business concerns.

Dr Rob Lamb, Group Sales and Marketing Director of Star Refrigeration said, “We’d like to introduce our core team of Star experts who will collectively be delivering the CPD presentations. Each presenter has built up years of engineering knowledge at Star Refrigeration and is looking forward to meeting end users and stakeholders from a variety of different sectors.”

Dr Lamb will start off the day with a 20-minute seminar which will cover the widely anticipated topic of F-gas regulations and refrigerant phase down. Examining F-Gas timelines, R404 & R507 phase out, replacement options and natural refrigerants, Rob will provide practical advice on how to prepare for the future phase down of global warming synthetic gases. Later, he will look at ways of reducing energy consumption through a number of approaches, including reduction of heat load and component selection, in a second presentation entitled ‘Improving Energy Efficiency of Cooling Systems’. Dr Rob Lamb has spent over two decades assisting end users in the implementation and development of energy efficient cooling and heating solutions which offer the lowest total cost of ownership. He has published papers and spoken at conferences both in the UK and worldwide on the topic of energy efficiency and industrial refrigeration system design,.

Legal compliance was another popular topic requested by many attendees of the event. Dr Dermot Cotter, a Senior Consultant at Star Technical Solutions will deliver this presentation covering the rules and obligations that owners and operators of refrigeration, hvac and heating equipment operating on both, F-gases and natural refrigerants, must adhere to in order to comply with UK law. Cotter has worked in the refrigeration industry for over 20 years and has published many papers about ammonia refrigeration on behalf of the Institute of Refrigeration.

Peter Boggiano, Head of Business Development of Star Refrigeration’s Operations Group will tackle the topic of plant reliability, highlighting the areas where aftercare have a major impact including efficiency, health & safety, legal compliance and productivity. He will be followed by Star Renewable Energy’s Director Dave Person who will then discuss heat recovery and the re-utilisation of waste heat and cooling for industrial process and district networks.

Dr Lamb added, “All of the topics covered during our roadshow have been chosen by people who registered their interest to attend the event. We wanted to make sure we are delivering the most useful information for attendees, and we know a lot of people have questions surrounding these issues. Over 250 people have already signed up for the event and we’re looking forward to reaching as many industry professionals as possible.”

Catch the Star Roadshow at the following locations:

Sheffield – Magana Science Centre – 17th October

Bristol – Aerospace Museum – 18th October

London – Canada Water Culture Space – 19th October

Glasgow – Glasgow Science Centre – 25th October

The event is free to attend but tickets are in high demand with the last remaining seats available for grabs through Star’s 2017 Roadshow booking website https://2017roadshow.eventbrite.co.uk

Speakers Announced for Star Refrigeration’s 2017 National Roadshow

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