Star leads the way with world’s largest natural heating system

Dave Pearson
Director of Star Renewable Energy

UK firm Star Refrigeration has launched a groundbreaking renewable energy heating system, which will heat homes and businesses across an entire city in Norway. The Glasgow-based cooling solutions specialist, with Norwegian refrigeration partner Norsk Kulde, has just sold its first Neatpump to the city of Drammen. The system will supply hot water pumped through a network of underground pipes for heating over 6,000 homes and businesses in the city. Star’s Neatpump will provide up to 15MW of heat for Drammen, a community of 60,000 on the Drammen Fjord near Oslo. Due to be completed in January 2011, it will be the world’s largest district-wide natural heat pump system. It also marks the largest export order in Star’s 40 year history as one of the UK’s leading industrial refrigeration engineering companies. Star’s Neatpump is a renewable energy heat pump that extracts heat from seawater, air or any industrial waste stream, such as air conditioning or large scale cooling processes. This waste heat is captured, compressed, boosted and recycled to provide hot water at up to 90˚C for heating buildings on a massive scale. For further details of the project, please view our case studies.
Star leads the way with world’s largest natural heating system

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