Star pioneers power generation technology

Dave Pearson
Director of Star Renewable Energy

Star is helping a British firm to lead the way in the global renewable energy sector by developing a system that converts low temperature waste heat from factories into electricity. Based in Redcar in North East England, DRD Power has just completed the installation of its first DRD Power ORC heat recovery system.The system uses Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology to generate electrical power using waste heat from industrial process and manufacturing plants. Star worked closely with DRD Power on the research, design, construction and commissioning of the unit. In essence, the system features a refrigeration compressor running in reverse to drive an electrical generator. The two companies are currently working together on further DRD Power ORC projects. The DRD Power ORC system generates electricity with zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The annual carbon dioxide saving from a 200kW unit is around 750 tonnes, and the electricity produced is worth over £100,000 per annum to the operator. As well as being one of the few systems to work with low grade heat, for the first time the revolutionary DRD Power ORC system gives operators of large scale process plants and manufacturing facilities an economically viable ORC solution.
Star pioneers power generation technology

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