Star Refrigeration and SMES receive UL Panel Certification


Star Refrigeration and SMES receive UL Panel Shop Certification

Star Refrigeration and its Mechanical and Electrical subsidiary, SMES, are now fully compliant with UL electrical panel control standards for sale and use in the United States and Canada.

Star Refrigeration and Star Mechanical and Electrical Solutions (SMES) have announced that they are now a UL 508a certified panel shop. The UL marking confirms that the industrial electrical panel control systems have been inspected by an independent third party and received their seal of approval – further solidifying the reputation of Star’s products.

Star will now be able to supply UL listed panels to both its U.S. arm of the business, low charge ammonia refrigeration manufacturer Azane Inc. and to customers who wish to sell their product or design to the North American market.

Christopher Staines, Panel Designer and Technical Manager at SMES, said, “Industrial control panels are constantly changing and need different specifications. It does not always make sense for companies to go to the expense of getting their panel one-time UL approved as it can cost thousands of pounds each time.”

“This is where Star and its subsidiary company SMES will now be able to provide a cost-effective UL package and meet the demands of the market”.

The company’s first UL-approved panel was achieved through a twelve-month design process at SMES . The final result is a UL listed electrical control panel, which is fully compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC) standards for the U.S. and Canada. These accommodate the differences in power systems, voltages and frequencies between these countries and the U.K. and cover control panels from design to build, installation and use.

SMES will now provide assistance to customers throughout the UL process, from design support in choosing compatible components for different system configurations, to building the panel at a cost-effective price. SMES panels use all the latest components such as Schneider, ABB, Mitsubishi, Siemens and Rockwell, and the product is built from the ground up ready for the American market, saving potential expensive reworking further down the line.

Star and SMES are one of only a limited number of UL 508A approved industrial control panel builders and automation system integrators based in the UK. Their industrial enclosure designs will now be marked with the UL 508A Listed label and come with all the correct documentation including Schematics, Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) calculations, and BOMs with all approved part numbers.

For further information please contact SMES Design & Technical Manger Christopher Staines


Star Refrigeration and SMES receive UL Panel Certification

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