Star Refrigeration prepares to participate in Eurammon Symposium 2022

The company is sponsoring the international event taking place online July 4-8, 2022

One of the most prominent annual events of the refrigeration industry is due to take place in the first week of July with Star experts delivering two lectures. The Eurammon Symposium 2022: Journey to a Naturally Sustainable Future offers five days of online lectures and panel discussions, reaching out to a global audience interested in natural refrigerants.

Star Refrigeration, a long-standing supporter of the event, is sponsoring the symposium and delivering two keynote speeches on 6th July and 7th July 2022.

Dr Rob Lamb, Star’s Group Sales and Marketing Director and Chair of the Steering Committee of Eurammon e.V said, “We are looking forward to this year’s symposium which is offering attendees a week-long journey into the future of cooling and heating. As always it is a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge, learn about new technologies and get your questions answered by industry experts.”

The programme for the week-long event features presentations and case studies from a variety of organisations from across the world.

Building on the success of previous Eurammon events, the symposium has a global reach and is free for attendees. Lectures run from 9am-11.30am CET which is convenient for those in the refrigeration sector who cannot commit to full days out of the office.

On July 6th at 10.15am Dr Rob Lamb will present his paper on ‘Predicting Annual Refrigeration Energy Consumption In Temperature Controlled Facilities’. The increasing cost of energy means that reducing annual consumption is a key priority for operators of temperature-controlled storage facilities. Lamb will present data from a five year study which has examined data from industrial refrigeration systems, indicating a wide variation in energy consumption. He will also provide insights into the reasons for this variation, recommend improvements and provide justifications for making these changes. In the short lecture, Dr Lamb will offer a simple formula for measuring energy consumption and benchmarking performance year on year and across multiple sites and will also explain how plant data can be collected in real time to predict annual performance.

Finally, he will present a case study of an ammonia refrigeration plant providing cooling to a freezer warehouse,showing how changes made to plant operation affect predicted energy consumption and how this can be used to drive future improvements.

Joining the line-up of speakers on July 7th at 9.45am is Dr Dermott Cotter, Managing Director of Star Technical Solutions. The title of his lecture is Ventilation Systems for Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia, which will provide advice on the flammable aspects of natural refrigerants. This is a complex concept where ventilation requirements are often understood but not implemented correctly.

On July 8th Dr Lamb will also facilitate the day’s session on ‘Natural refrigerant heat pumps’.

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Star Refrigeration prepares to participate in Eurammon Symposium 2022

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