Star Refrigeration to offer step-by-step guidance on AI enabled, data-led energy optimisation systems for cold chain operators at upcoming Cold Chain Federation Webinar

John Clark

John Clark, Director of Star Refrigeration Data Analytics, will provide a comprehensive overview of Ethos, highlighting its data-driven approach, AI integration, digital twin modelling, and proven ability to deliver significant energy savings and carbon emission reductions for cold chain businesses.

John Clark, the UK’s leading expert on data-driven analysis for refrigeration and heat pump systems, is set to showcase the evolution and practical applications of Star Refrigeration’s revolutionary Ethos system at a webinar entitled ‘Reaching Net Zero with Cool Data: Monitoring Cold Store Energy Usage and Throughput.’  Organised by the Cold Chain Federation and scheduled for tomorrow, 11th June 2024, from 12:30 pm to 13:00 pm, the webinar promises to support cold chain operators by suggesting approaches available to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability.

The webinar will focus on the application of Ethos, Star Refrigeration’s pioneering AI-enabled, data-driven performance optimisation system, within the cold chain industry. Currently serving over 20 customers across more than 100 sites, Ethos processes over 40 billion data points annually to identify energy-saving opportunities and support Net Zero strategies.

John Clark, Director of Star Data Analytics, said, “I am delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate at the Cold Chain Federation webinar how we extract value from data to provide real world benefits. For example, our Ethos platform at Star Refrigeration’s Data Analytics has already helped deliver significant energy savings and reduced carbon emissions for a number of cold chain businesses across the country”.

During the webinar, John Clark, will provide invaluable insights into the Ethos system and its capabilities. He will discuss how the technology collects data from refrigeration and heating equipment, compares it against a cloud-based ‘digital twin’ operating under the same conditions, and identifies energy performance gaps for informed decision-making. Ethos utilises a combination of digital twin technology and an engineering model of the refrigeration system to enable ‘what-if’ analysis and advice on hidden inefficiencies of individual components.

His presentation will delve into the various key performance indicators (KPI’s) used to measure and optimise cold store performance, including energy consumption, specific energy consumption (SEC) and regression models for energy usage based on weather and other factors.

Showcasing how Ethos can drill down on underperforming components to allow for data visualisation on various formats, John Clark will describe some of the charts and diagrams used to map out energy flows, assess system performance and spot opportunities for transitioning to heat pumps.

The presentation will highlight real-world examples of Ethos technology deployment at customer sites, including Asda, The Ice Company and Tesco – where most recently an average energy reduction of 11% was delivered across their estate.

A Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Software Developer, Star Refrigeration Data Analytics Director, John Clark, has dedicated nearly a decade to developing Ethos, a revolutionary data-led performance optimisation and smart monitoring service. With 14 years of experience in the refrigeration sector, John has utilised this knowledge of the industry to improve the technology’s capabilities through the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. These advancements enable Ethos to predict, analyse and identify energy-saving opportunities, increasing the operational efficiency of refrigeration and heating equipment.

Through his work, John has supported numerous customers in achieving their net-zero targets by optimising energy use and significantly reducing carbon emissions. He currently works with over 20 clients across 100+ sites, handling 40+ billion data points annually.

As a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institute of Refrigeration, John frequently contributes scientific papers and participates in industry conferences. He shares his insights and advocates for the wide adoption of data-driven performance optimisation approaches to address the cold chain’s energy challenges.

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Star Refrigeration to offer step-by-step guidance on AI enabled, data-led energy optimisation systems for cold chain operators at upcoming Cold Chain Federation Webinar

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