Star Refrigeration to Unveil Megatrends in Industrial Refrigeration at IIR Conference in Macedonia

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

Representing the UK’s largest industrial cooling contractor, Star Refrigeration’s Dr Andy Pearson will present a keynote speech on Megatrends in Industrial Refrigeration at the upcoming IIR Conference in Macedonia on 11th – 13th May 2017.

Star Refrigeration’s Group Managing Director Dr Andy Pearson will deliver an insightful industry paper to raise awareness of natural refrigerants and new innovative components for industrial systems. The paper, which aims to forecast the industry’s future, analyses past and current events to reveal the “Megatrends” set to drive the industrial refrigeration sector forward.

Dr Pearson, who is President of Scientific Committee, Former President of IoR UK and a Member of IIR Commission E1 said, “There are many external factors which will influence the design of refrigeration systems in the next twenty five years. Sharing, discussing and examining these at high profile events such as the IIR Conference is important to ensure we are prepared for these trends”.

Pearson’s paper is titled ‘Megatrends in Industrial Refrigeration’ and covers various external factors that are likely to influence the decisions taken by designers of industrial refrigeration systems and examines them in different contexts. Carbon reduction, automation, globalisation and universality, as in the rapid transfer and sharing of information and knowledge, are considered in the light of increased urbanisation, growing environmental awareness and ever-present pressure on cost.

The International Institute of Refrigeration hosts a global conference each year. It currently has 58 member countries and organises events all over the world promoting the sharing of knowledge of refrigeration and related technologies. This paper is just one of many included in the conference programme to be delivered by Star Refrigeration staff. Delegates will hear another keynote speech from Dr Rob Lamb, Star Refrigeration Group Sales and Marketing Director who will provide an overview of low charge ammonia refrigeration systems looking at the multiple factors driving the transition to greener, cleaner and more efficient cooling solutions. Star’s consultancy company, Star Technical Solutions will also be represented with Dr Dermot Cotter sharing its specialised engineering knowledge on ammonia refrigeration systems safety and legislative compliance.

The International Institute of Refrigeration conference runs from 11th – 13th May 2017 in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.

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Star Refrigeration to Unveil Megatrends in Industrial Refrigeration at IIR Conference in Macedonia

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