Star Refrigeration’s 2017 Roadshow for Cooling and Heating End Users Receives Great Response

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

Star Refrigeration have received a great response to the registration of interest for its National Roadshow in October

As part of their National Roadshow preparation process, Star Refrigeration, asked large end users of cooling and heating systems which topics they would like to learn about and what issues affect their current solutions. Over a hundred prospective attendees have already registered their interest and offer feedback which will help shape the content covered during the events. Registration is still open via

The company’s senior engineering experts will tour the UK from 16th – 26th October 2017, hosting free CPD events in different locations daily to raise awareness of the most common issues affecting the heating and refrigeration industry today.

Star has released the main topics to be included in the seminars – F-gas regulations, energy efficiency, natural refrigerants and regulatory updates. During registration, people have the chance to suggest other topics which would be helpful for their organization and Star is currently collating the information and making sure the CPD sessions are useful for every single attendee.

Dr Rob Lamb, Group Sales and Marketing Director said, “We aim to address as many refrigeration issues as possible to ensure attendees receive valuable practical information and have an all-round great experience. We’ve had over a hundred people already registering their interest and sharing with us their most worrying industry concerns.”

The roadshow events are expected to start at 8.30am with a morning breakfast followed by five CPD seminars throughout the morning. After the presentations, Star senior team will offer one to one sessions to attendees who request a place at the post-event surgery affair.

“We’ve seen a lot of recurring topics so we feel it is important to address these. From ammonia safety to plant maintenance, we’re going to cover key topics to help end users, consultants, facilities management and construction companies plan for the future. Attendees will also have the chance to book a one to one session with one of our senior team of experts after the seminars.”

When asked about the issues that concern them the most regarding their current heating/cooling solution and what they would like to learn more about, the majority of prospective attendees stated:

1.    Legal compliance: ammonia safety, DSEAR, PM81, regulations affecting cooling and heating users.

2.    F-gas phase down: timelines, replacement options, R404 & R507 phase out, natural refrigerants, low charge ammonia, HFOs & A2L refrigerants.

3.    Heat recovery: waste heat from process cooling, waste heat from renewable sources, re-utilisation of waste heat and waste cooling for district networks.

4.    Energy efficiency: energy savings, energy monitoring, CO2 reduction, CRC, latest technology available.

5.    Plant reliability: maintenance, preventative maintenance, remote monitoring, condition based maintenance, vibration monitoring.

The national roadshow is catering to all end users, and to industry stakeholders. The conference is being shaped by those who will be attending. Dates and locations for the seminars are being announced very shortly as results are being collated to ensure all attendees have a suitable location close to them. The event is free to attend but tickets are in high demand. Anyone intending to attend the October Roadshow is urged to register as soon as possible at

To find out more about Star Refrigeration previous roadshow events and 2013 attendee feedback go to

Star Refrigeration’s 2017 Roadshow for Cooling and Heating End Users Receives Great Response

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