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Astrid Prado

Marketing Manager

Have your missed Star presentations on the road to energy efficient temperature controlled storage?

Minimising Energy Costs in Temperature Controlled Storage - David Wallace, Sales Director, Star Refrigeration

The presentation focuses on the running costs of cooling plants in temperature controlled storage, and how energy costs can be minimised. It details how to measure the efficiency of a refrigeration plant, and gives practical examples of improvement actions with measurable targets at every stage of the process, including planning, building and construction, refrigeration system design, controls, maintenance, monitoring and system optimisation - all of which can make a big difference to the annual energy consumption of your cold/chill stores.

Low charge ammonia and CO2 refrigeration solutions - Aiden Perks, Regional Sales Manager

Highlighting the benefits of low charge ammonia and CO2 systems, the differences between the two refrigerants and their suitability for specific applications, the presentation focuses on refrigerant selection from a financial and efficiency point of view.

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