Tribute to Phil Creaney

Astrid Prado
Marketing Manager

We note the untimely passing on Sunday 2nd September 2012 of Phil Creaney, Editor and supporter of ACR Today, Heat Pumps Today, National ACR Awards, National Heat Pump Awards, and ACR Trainee of the Year Awards.

In all the hustle and bustle and nuts and bolts, CFC, HFC, HFO, natural working fluid world of heating and cooling that we live in, we often meet individuals who don’t just follow the trend – but are actively setting it.

As our industry has rediscovered the ‘new idea’ of re-using our waste heat and using the refrigeration cycle for heating, Phil Creaney was well ahead of the curve.

His contribution to our quirky industry was delivered by pen and keyboard rather than spanner and screwdriver, but it was more significant in many ways as it was his foretelling of good news, vision and success that dragged the values of longevity, environmental awareness and financial excellence from niche to mainstream. Without end users who believe in better, we would bumble along as we were.

Phil’s vision and storytelling is a legacy to be proud of and we are proud to have known him.

Tribute to Phil Creaney

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