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Ammonia awareness training (Theoretical & Practical)

As the UK’s archetypal name in ammonia refrigeration, Star Technical Solutions offer ammonia refrigeration awareness training for end users and contractors, consultants and facility management companies.

The one-day course involves theoretical and practical training which can be customised to cover the technical, legal and health and safety requirements of your site.

Course Aims

To prepare refrigeration plant operators and end users for the correct management of cooling systems in relation to health and safety procedures, legal requirements and obligations, hazard and first aid instruction, and technical know-how.

Course Objectives  

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • State the properties and benefits of using ammonia as a refrigerant
  • List ammonia positive and negative attributes
  • State the system components where ammonia is or could be present
  • Describe the characteristics of ammonia including flammability and toxicity
  • State the various UK and EU laws and regulations which apply to ammonia refrigeration systems: DSEAR, MHSWR, PSSR, PUWER, Standard EN378
  • Understand mandatory actions required to ensure refrigeration, hvac and heating systems comply with regulations
  • List applicable regulations, standards and best practice guidance
  • Describe each of the applicable regulations, standards and best practice guidance
  • Recognise the actions to be undertaken for both business and system compliance.  
  • Assess current and future need for business, operator and system compliance
  • Explain common noncompliance and key hazards 
  • Identify first aid site requirements to discuss training needs with their first aid trainer provider
  • Understand paperwork requirements
  • Understand emergency response plan requirement
  • List the different types of leakage
  • Describe the technical operation of a refrigeration system: refrigeration cycle, evaporators, evaporator valve stations, condensers, compressors and safety switches, vessels and relief valves, ventilation systems and gas detection systems


Dermot Cotter

Director - Star Technical Solutions

Related Case Studies

  • Star helps British healthcare provider become more efficient

    A leading global healthcare provider, recruited Star Refrigeration’s Operations team to resolve ongoing maintenance issues at one of their sites in Scotland.

     Star Refrigeration had developed a good relationship with the company over the past ten years, and gained a good reputation for the design and maintenance work carried out at other sites across the country. This led to the customer taking out a three-year maintenance contract with Star Refrigeration Operations Group's.

     When Star engineers arrived on site, they found that the customer’s ammonia plant was overcharged with oil due to incorrect setup. Soon after taking over the contract, the plant’s expansion valves were replaced in order to regulate gas back to normal working pressures and levels while ensuring Star's maintenance routines had no impact on the customer's normal operations.

     An important part of Star Refrigeration’s aftercare work was to bring the British pharmaceutical company’s ammonia plant up to date with current regulations as well as the implementation of SAP procedures to the air conditioning systems were routinely assessed and subject to regular and consistent maintenance.

    As part of Star's proactive maintenance plan, the plant performance was reviewed on a frequent basis. Working closely with the customer’s energy supervisor, Star monitored the plant's energy usage. After identifying when the plant was not operating at maximum efficiency, Star introduced measures to minimise energy waste such as the installation of timers in all air conditioners at the site’s central offices, which reduced the customer’s energy bill by £8000 per annum.

     Star’s good performance during the initial contract period resulted in the customer renewing their aftercare contract for another three years. In addition, Star's Aberdeen team was entrusted with a new project which involved the design and installation of a brand new refrigeration plant for an extension to their facilities.

     Star Refrigeration Operations Group offers 24-hour technical support for the customer from nine branches across the UK. This includes design, maintenance, service, contracting and spare-parts.

     Star Refrigeration Operations Group is now pioneering the use of condition based monitoring for industrial refrigeration end users and delivering improved efficiency, greater reliability and lower total cost of ownership to over 300 customers across the UK.