Adam Strachan

Technical Sales Engineer

F-Gas Regulations and Refrigeration Compliance

As we approach the halfway mark on the current F-Gas Phasedown timeline, the European Commission have published a new proposal to revise and accelerate the reductions. The proposal – published on 5th April 2022 – is currently under review and is expected to bring a number of changes to Europe and the UK around 2024. The phasedown has already created a rise in the use of mildly flammable (A2L) refrigerants which is set to continue under these new proposals.

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Euan Duncan

Regional Sales Manager

Energy Optimisation – Where is the energy use of my store coming from? What can I do to reduce it?

As we continue to live with Covid, Brexit and war in Europe, the main impact to us in the UK currently is the soaring cost of energy. With this comes a renewed focus on energy optimisation and operational efficiency – reducing energy usage whilst still achieving the business’s required results.

My presentation breaks down the key areas that drive energy use. It provides several useful tools and techniques to reduce energy consumption and introduces the SEC tool which allows refrigeration equipment owners to benchmark site performance against competitors/Best Practice and forecast future energy usage.

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Stuart Webb

CO2 Market Manager

In a frequently evolving regulatory landscape, refrigerant choice and system type are of key importance for anyone specifying or operating cooling systems. Stuart will examine the considerations around selecting refrigerants to ensure that your cooling systems remain viable in the long term and touch on the principles of modern natural refrigeration systems, including example installations.

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Dave Pearson

Group Sustainable Development Director

This presentation highlights the benefits of using heat pumps and heat recovery systems. Dave shares his expertise on how businesses can capture and reuse waste heat to provide heating and hot water. He also discusses the advantages of using  large scale heat pumps for district heating and provide examples of current successful projects including the award-winning Queens Quay heat pump in Clydebank and Bristol’s City Council heat pump.

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