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District Heating

Star’s Neatpump turns cold water from rivers, lochs and even flooded mine shafts into cheap, renewable warmth for whole cities, including businesses, hospitals and schools.

In 2011 Star designed, installed and commissioned the world’s largest zero carbon 90°C district heat pump to provide heat for Drammen, a Norwegian city of 64,000 people.

The Drammen Neatpump achieved total savings of around €8M and overall carbon savings equivalent to driving 8,320 times around the globe. Star’s heatpump covers more than 75% of the annual heat demand of the city and provides energy storage capacity suitable for balancing the electricity grid, one of the major steps towards a future Smart Grid.

The Neatpump technology is so advanced that it can deliver cooling, heating and desalination at the same time, and reach an efficiency of 7. For one unit of electricity, 4 units of heat and 3 units of cooling are generated.

Neatpumps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 68% compared to gas boilers. Estimates point to a reduction of 87% by the year 2035, when the national grid becomes less carbon intensive.
District Heating
Dave Pearson
Director - Star Renewable Energy

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