Load Determination

Star Data Analysis (SDA) provides a service to establish the load profile of existing refrigeration plant while in operation and to determine future plant requirement and configuration. We combine our refrigeration expertise with on site data collection to give insights about your load demands and to help you make informed decisions.

It is not unusual for users of refrigeration systems to be unsure of the cooling their existing plant is actually doing. This can come under the spotlight when there is an increase in production in the plant and it needs to be established if the present system can handle the increase. Instead of taking a risk that the existing plant will cope or investing in what may be unnecessary new plant the sensible solution is to accurately determine the load and the load profile. Ethos can assess the load over a representative period to give insights to the load and its diversity. Recognition of load diversity can result in the requirement for significantly smaller chillers. A better understanding of the load means that refrigeration plant can be designed more appropriately to maximise efficiency and to improve the plant resilience

Ethos can confirm the cooling loads – peak and profile – for the existing chilling plant. In addition, in finalising the new plant capacity we will take account of any anticipated future cooling load demands.

The site installation consists of a number of sensors connected to an Ethos controller. This is a small electrical panel with an industrial PLC inside that relays data off site to an SQL server. A 4G mobile internet connection is built in so it is not necessary to connect to your IT network.

SDA collect site data for a representative period of time (typically 2 weeks) then produce a load / capacity report showing the peak load as well as the load profile of your refrigeration system.

Load Determination
Anne Flanagan
Business Development Manager SDA

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