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Refrigeration Retrofit & Heating

Star work with a variety of industry sectors to accommodate our customers’ increasing capacity demands, deliver system upgrades for energy efficiency, and reduce electricity and carbon costs. With no need to overhaul your entire plant, we can offer retrofit solutions that utilise all existing connections and installations and ensure minimal disruption to business during the installation process.
Refrigeration Retrofit & Heating
Rob Lamb
Group Sales and Marketing Director

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Nestle Halifax

Client: Nestlé UK Ltd
Location: Halifax
Sector: Food Manufacturing
Equipment: Bespoke Condensing Unit
Service: Refrigeration Retrofit & Heating

Star collaboration gives Nestle free hot water.

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Snozone Milton Keynes

Client: Snozone
Location: Milton Keynes
Sector: Leisure and Ice
Service: Refrigeration Retrofit & Heating

Star’s Ammonia Plant installation catapults Snozone’s savings on electricity.

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