Supervision of Refrigeration Contractors Training

The duty holder of the premises is required to have sufficient resources in place to manage contractors to HSE guidance HGS 159. When using a Permit To Work (PTW) system, those managing contractors must be competent to work to the HSE guidance HGS 250.

This course is aimed at those issuing Permit to Work. They should have already attended the Ammonia Awareness Training.

The following topics are covered during a one-day session and will focus on the type of equipment on your site:

• Principles of refrigeration (how the system works)
• General Hazards
• Ammonia Hazards (These would be for your site)
• Ammonia Safe Working Practices
• Level of PPE appropriate to task
• Site Induction principle
• Permit to Work Issuing

  1. Understand the purpose of method statements and risk assessments
  2. Understand the particular hazards associated with refrigeration systems
  3. Reviewing refrigeration contractors method of work
  4. Using a Permit to Work (PTW) system
  5. Understanding your legal responsibilities for managing contractors

The training course typically lasts for 6 hours and will be held at your site.

A meeting room with a projector or large screen TV will be required.

The number of participants will depend on the size of the room, but up to 10 people can be accommodated in a reasonably sized room with the correct layout.

A certificate for attendees will be issued on completion of the courses with a copy of the course content.

Supervision of Refrigeration Contractors Training
Dermot Cotter
Director - Star Technical Solutions