Tailored Maintenance Plans

We provide a variety of solutions from basic periodic plant inspection through to Starcare – a professional Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme incorporating both scheduled maintenance tasks and fully documented record keeping to satisfy statutory and business requirements.

Our infrastructure incorporates a nationwide network of 9 branch offices fully staffed with experienced management teams and a team of more than 100 mobile field engineers to support your business.

Each branch is managed by an experienced industry professional and supported locally by a multi-disciplined team comprised of sales, technical, and administration personnel. Business support systems are standardised throughout the company and deploy the latest technology.

Our team of mobile field engineers can provide you with a range of strengths and experience. We invest in continual engineer development and, as a minimum, all are in possession of:

  • CSCS Skillcard
  • ACRIB Safe Handling of Refrigerants (F-Gas & Ammonia)
  • Safety Passport – CCNSG
  • CITB Essential Electrics
  • First Aid
  • Manual Handling

Any of these local resources can be rapidly supported from any of our other locations.

Tailored Maintenance Plans
James Ward
Operations Director

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Tesco saves 4GWh of energy and 835 tonnes of CO2

Client: Tesco
Location: UK
Sector: Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution
Equipment: Ethos Energy Management
Service: Energy Management

 Star Refrigeration’s Ethos service and StarCare maintenance team helped Tesco achieve an average 10% energy saving across eight distribution centres between January 2022 and September 2023, with a return on investment in under 3 months.

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Snozone Milton Keynes

Client: Snozone
Location: Milton Keynes
Sector: Leisure and Ice
Equipment: Azanechiller 3.0 – Energy efficient chillers – Azanechiller 3.0
Service: Plant Upgrades & Replacements
Refrigerant: R404A to Ammonia

It was all in a sleigh’s work for Star Refrigeration during our recent ambitious ski slope cooler replacement project.

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Campbells Prime Meat

Client: Campbells Prime Meat
Location: Linlithgow
Sector: Food Manufacturing
Service: Chiller Contingency Planning

Campbells Prime Meat thinks ahead for when the unthinkable might happen.

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Multinational Investment Bank

Client: Multi-national investment bank
Location: London
Sector: Data Centres
Service: Remote Monitoring
Refrigerant: R134a

Star remote monitoring helps British Multinational Investment Banking Company save the day.

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