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Refrigeration Systems Design

Our team of exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced engineers are dedicated to providing exactly what has been promised, on time and on budget, using the best technology available to deliver quality temperature solutions for our customers.

Star’s refrigeration systems design team has designed and installed solutions for customers’ new installations to replace old or inefficient equipment, to increase plant capacity, to future proof existing plants with sustainable solutions, and to become compliant with F-Gas regulations.

Industry-Leading System Designs

Our refrigeration system designs are proven to offer excellent efficiency ratings as well as energy and CO2 savings. They follow customer’s site specifications thoroughly and fully adhere to technical specifications and H&S regulations.

Star’s design function is compliant with the ISO 9000 quality standard and covered by the highest PED certification module, H1. Star design systems in conjunction with various compressor manufacturers, allowing us the flexibility to use the optimum compressors for every project. We design all types of industrial refrigeration equipment and combine this with purchased components to ensure we provide a good solution for our customers.

We provide efficient, high-quality refrigeration plants and heat pumps with long life and we have a rigorous design process that is well proven to provide effective solutions for a wide variety of projects. Star are well known for technical innovation and the design team have vast experience applying solutions developed in-house and purchased from other innovative companies to give cost-effective solutions for our customers, particularly in the application of natural refrigerants such as ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Proven Refrigeration Systems Design Expertise

All of our design engineers have been trained in-house and we have a strong commitment to developing our staff and the innovation of our products, particularly to improve the efficiency of the refrigeration plant. Our design team currently includes four chartered engineers and we are active members of several engineering institutes.

Star has up-to-date AutoCAD and Inventor 3D drawing/design packages, along with dedicated draughtspersons to provide accurate and compatible drawings to ensure integration with other contractors. Many long-standing blue-chip customers appreciate the benefits Star’s design expertise brings to the smooth running of their projects.

Refrigeration Systems Design
Fraser Oattes
Director of Engineering

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