Telstar PLC

Developed and supported in-house, TELSTAR, our family of monitoring and control computers, is unique to Star Refrigeration. TELSTAR has been telling us how refrigeration plants have been performing since 1983.
Each contract undertaken by Star which utilises TELSTAR has the software written and tested at our design office prior to site installation. Our philosophy has always been to have distributed control hardware / software and a separate Human Machine Interface (HMI). This ensures that full system operation is not dependent on a single PLC and that the control PLCs can function in the absence of the HMI.

Our current TELSTAR control system is based on Mitsubishi PLCs, which can be networked if required, dictated by the size and complexity of the plant to be controlled. A range of HMI options are available, from simple text to full colour graphics and data collection/trending.

Alarm monitoring is available through Star’s 24/7 call-out facility and data logging/reporting is also possible. Options for alternative PLC hardware and programming are available on request, including Allen Bradley, Siemens and TREND.

Telstar PLC
Greg Macpherson
Electronics Department Manager